5 Interior Design Hacks For Small Spaces

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Maximizing every space you have in your small home is key {image by phaendin from freedigitalphotos.net}

Living in a limited space is a feat in itself. Add a toddler or a child to the mix and you get an even bigger, and dare I say, messier problem.  Children can be such huge pack rats, and tend to accumulate stuff faster than we grown ups do. Before you know it, they’ve already taken over the house, with their nappies, clothes, toys, books, and art supplies all over the place. Yes, it is safe to conclude that cramped living quarters do not go well with children.

Decorating your small living space can also be tricky when you have children. As much as you’d like for the bedroom to announce that a child dwells within its walls, you would still want to throw in a few of your elements and not cramp your interior design style by succumbing to your little one’s desires to fill the walls with everything pink or everything Hello Kitty! 😀

home, tips and tricks, home improvement, home renovation
Putting shelves wherever possible is also a great interior design hack {image by Beifoosa700 from Wikimedia Commons}

I do not claim to be an expert but here are 5 Interior Design Hacks for small spaces that I will apply to our small apartment if given the chance. You might want to consider them, too, if you plan to improve your limited living space and add a little oomph to it:

  1. “A Place for everything, everything in its place.” ~ even when you do not suffer from OCD, you can easily understand this nifty tip, especially if you have a tiny unit or apartment. Load up on presentable and stackable drawers and containers to keep everything around your house neat and orderly. These organizers will not only help you be more organized, but they will also work well at stowing many items around the house like your kitchen utensils, your books, and the kids toys and school items. You may have a limited floor area but these containers will help you save more space giving room for more important items in your home.

    home, tips and tricks, home improvement, home renovation
    White cabinets and shelves never go out of style {image by Sira Anamwong from freedigitalphotos.net}
  2. Maximize your little spaces ~ that “cupboard under the stairs,” or that tiny space between the wall closet and your bedroom can very well be transformed into functional work space or  organized storage for your things. A set of drawers and small cabinets under the stairs where you can stash your shoes or your books will save you more space around the house, while that tiny desk is a perfect spot to keep your laptop, journals, and scrapping stuff organized. Even with a small space to work around, a little touch of creativity and cleverness can give you more room to move around in your home.
  3. Install more overhead cabinets ~ another smart solution for small spaces is putting more overhead cabinets. Whether you decide to install a couple of them in the bathroom, the bedroom, or the kitchen, they will all be effective at maximizing tiny rooms and stowing stuff away to give you a more clean and organized space. I love these sort of cabinets and I would love to have more around our home.
  4. Put more mirrors ~ mirrors are not only for the vain who would like to take a glimpse of themselves each chance they get, but installing more of these in your tiny home will give it an illusion of a bigger space. Putting a big mirror in your room or in your living room will make the otherwise smaller room appear much bigger.
  5. Transform rooms in your homes into multi-purpose spaces ~ as much as you’d like to have all those rooms in your home, you are limited to the actual number of rooms available. Transforming some rooms into multi-purpose areas can very well solve your problem. Since you do not have guests on a regular basis, you can transform the guest room into your study by installing shelves and desks. Adding a fold-away bed which you can easily pull out when your guests arrived will finish this awesome trick. Similarly, if you do not have an extra room for the children’s study, you can easily install a number of shelves in the living room to hold all their school things and pair it with a  pull-out desk you can easily set when they study for their homework.

Remember that a little creativity goes a long way in expanding the spaces in your small home. Stick with your interior design style to make sure that every addition and renovation will go well with the rest of the house. You may also want to take this interior design quiz to find out more about your own personal style.

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  1. We live in a small home so maximizing space is very important to us. Having overhead cabinets and furniture with storage feature is a big help to save space.

  2. These are really great tips! I might need this in the future. right now we don’t have our own house yet but when we do I’m pretty sure it will not be use so I need to take note of these hacks! Thanks!

  3. These are all great hacks! Mirrors really are a great way to make the space look bigger, also if ever you’ll be having wall paint, it’s best to have it in light shade or if ever you want a design on the wall using paint, it’s also great to use stripes horizontally. 😉

  4. I learned a lot of these design hacks for small spaces by watching a lot of Tiny House Nation. Haha! I super love that show.

  5. We also have a small space and we have overhead or hanging cabinets to free up space. I agree that putting mirrors really makes the space look bigger. These are nice tips, thanks for sharing.

  6. Can’t see the photos but those are great hacks. I have overhead cabinets used for storage in my room. It’s a great help maximizing spaces. I’m planning to install mirrors. Hopefully soon.

  7. Awesome tips! While we don’t exactly have a tiny space, we’re all for minimalist designs and structure. Sayang I can’t see the pictures!

  8. I love your design hacks! I like hanging cabinets idea and the mirror too! I’ll definitely do that soon in our little house. 🙂

  9. We live in a small space too and it’s really difficult to find space for everything. Stackable drawers are my best friend for a clutter free home. Thank you for the great tips! 🙂

  10. We also have a small home so these tips are very helpful. One thing we did was to have a mini loft made. It now serves as my personal space for youtube videos and make up. 🙂

  11. Great ideas for us who also have small space. I hope to apply these tips really soon. How to start and when, that’s gonna be my problem 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. We’re on tiny living and if there’s anything we can’t do, really, it’s overhead shelves because our ceiling is not high enough. Athough my husband is still considering it. Will see this December.

  13. Yes on the overhead cabinets and mirrors. Mirrors really give an illusion of wide space. I love my mom’s living room as it looks so spacious becuase of the mirror when in fact, the place is top narrow.

  14. I agree that overhead cabinets can maximize the small space. I am planning to put one on our small closet area, where I can put things we rarely use. Thanks for sharing!

  15. We recently transferred to a smaller bedroom because ours are under renovation, and since I have tons of stuff collections and books, I had the carpenter built some overhead cabinets and shelves, and it worked wonders. 🙂

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