The Challenge Of Creating An Effective Business Brand

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Creating a business is not easy. Creating a successful business at times may seem all but impossible. Proof of this can be seen by the number of small businesses that are created every single year and then fail. While there are a lot of factors that contribute to the success or failure of a business, one of the major contributing factors is branding.

When people think about branding, they mistakenly believe that it is just creating a local or a graphic element that represents their business. In truth, branding includes the entire experience that your customers have when they interact with your business. This encompasses everything including your logo, social media, your company’s website, what your employees say when they pick up the telephone, the personalized packing tape they see when your business sends them a product, and the way your staff interacts with customers. Branding is what makes your business unique. It is what makes it different from all of the other businesses that are currently out there. Branding is what influences the perception that your customers have when they think about you and your business.


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It’s important to understand that branding is not something that happens by accident. It requires planning, creativity, and hard work. When you see a company that has a good brand, it is the result of a well thought out and strategic plan. Unfortunately, many small businesses avoid spending the time, money, and energy needed to successfully brand themselves. They do not understand how important this aspect of marketing is for the future success of their business.

One reason why branding is key is because people are likely to do business with a company that they feel an emotional attachment to and that they are familiar with. When a business is easy to recognize and when the colors, logos, and slogans attached to the business are consistent, people feel more at ease when purchasing services from said company.

A second reason why branding is key is because it allows your business to distinguish itself from the competition. This is very important especially now that businesses are competing on a global scale. Your business is not just competing with the brick-and-mortar store that is on your same street. It is also competing with the thousands of online stores that sell products very similar to yours.

Creating the right brand is not easy. It requires strategy. But in the end, it pays off.

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  1. I agree! Lots of business transactions have a lot to do with the psychology. And that plays an important role in branding. When I used to handle social media pa for a famous brand, nashock ako because their social media was horrible… and I told them that that’s part of their branding… the customer experience is part of their branding. Mahirap na if their brand is associated with something that’s a total opposite of what they’re actually going for in the real world.

  2. Great article! I am a graduate of Marketing and Advertising and branding has always been my path since I started working. Many people do not understand what branding is made up for, what it is for, what it actually does for the business, and how it can actually help a whole lot through the whole operation and sales generation of a company. It is not just some graphic design arm of a company, or something that just focuses on the aesthetics and image of the business. It is the backbone of the company’s standing amongst not only competition, but also to its partners and allies. Good job on this, one!! Love it!

  3. When an entrepreneur goes into business, there is always a story there. What made this person decide to do this business, what did this person had to go through? What were the inspirations? Where did he get the idea? Where does the business take him? What value does the business give to customers? From there, a brand is born. Simply putting up a name, a graphic design, is like a person without a soul.

  4. I totally agree. A logo is merely a visual symbol or iconography of a brand. A brand is the heart of a business, the X-factor that separates it from similar businesses. I encounter this in my work as a coach for bloggers. One of the things we struggle with in this arena is to stand out from among the many. It can take a long time for some bloggers to realize what their brand is, and those who are able to and build it up are those who are able to outlast many others. Their brand guides their stories, their products and services, even their events.

  5. It was only recently that it became clear to me what my brand really is. I’m happy that I have come to this point. It’s easier to work on my business now that my branding is clear. It is also easier to promote it because I know who my target market is.

  6. I totally agree with you. And this is true for both corporate and personal brands. Both have to define themselves, know their strategy, work on their appearance/presentation and communication. Even within bloggers there are some that can be easily recognized.

  7. It definitely requires planning, creativity and hard work! And it’s always a good thing to be reminded of it again. You want people to know your story, to feel attached and come back. And it takes a lot of work to get that. A lot of dedication. A brand is very important! And keeping it consistent is hard, but very important.

  8. Branding is always a necessary part of every business.But as we all know it’s just never easy.Am also on my way to brand my digital marketing agency actually.Let’s see if I get success or not.

  9. I truly agree. Branding is not only applicable to businesses but also to blogging. This is something I`m currently working on my website. The brand is a company`s identity and it visually represents what the company is.

  10. I’m glad you mentioned branding is not just about the logo but the entire customer experience. It always helps to guide branding by thinking of what your “mission and vision” is for your company or business. What are your customer’s problems? What are their needs? How can you solve them in a way that others can’t? The most successful businesses are the ones that add the most value.

  11. Branding is very important! It is my dream to be able to blog full time so I know I need to develop a brand. But I’m not a visual person so it’s difficult for me to think about things looking consistent or some of the other points you discuss. Hopefully it will come with practice!

  12. Branding should be well-planned to achieve success. It really helps in many ways – in business and in blogging. I think aside from the logos and name, one must have a passion in the business s/he is pushing or products being endorsed.

  13. Building a brand from the scratch is definitely not an easy task. It’s a combination of skill, marketing, extreme hardwork, patience & perseverance!

  14. My blog started in 2013 and has gone countless of layout and logo transformations. I haven’t got a business card printed yet because I really am not happy or decided with the final look of my website and logo. I’m giving my present layout a month to make sure this is really what I want.

  15. A great post. Branding is very important to any business and no matter what you do you need to invest in branding in the right way. Once your brand image is created, you do not need to spend much on marketing but gaining and maintaining trust in Brand is not an easy task!

  16. I experienced this challenge before when I still had my small online business. Creating a brand in the market that’s already full of competitors who have already built their followers is really a challenge for those who are just starting their brand. Will keep your points in mind once I decide to re-open my sideline business 🙂

  17. Branding is so important regardless of what line of business you are in. I think you’ve made some great points here and a lot of people can learn from this post. Branding helps you make a mark in your chosen industry, that’s for sure!

  18. I couldn’t agree more as to why those who work in the industry should be paid higher than the average rate. It takes a lot of time, effort, and good strategy indeed!

  19. Excellent post, branding is one of the crucial part of building your business. I agree that it comes with planning and battle plan. Everything should be carefully studied to ensure that you will come up with the perfect branding. Many disregard the value of branding that’s why their business failed.

  20. Sometimes you think of a fancy brand name which you think is classy. However, many people may find it too presumptuous or fake. Some times you think of a very simple commonplace brand name, and later you cannot change it anymore when your audience is already picking up.

  21. I agree with everything that’s written here. People go from branded stuff over those without brands even if they are just one and the same. The image and presentation matter a lot. This is why many companies invest in marketing and research to learn about what customers want and how they perceive things.

  22. I totally agres with you that creating business is hard and needs patience. Most likely, making business strategies that works are essential as well. Challenging yourself to do the best is very vital all throughout.

  23. Branding can never be ruled out in every facets of life regardless of the sector, industry or business you are looking out. Basically, you are what you brand. Your points are very valid, a good lesson for us all!a

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