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Each time the ‘ber months arrive it tags along an assortment of diseases and illnesses, like flu, fever, coughs and cold, and the likes. The little one is suffering from a mild allergic rhinitis, so I expect our mornings and nights to be filled with sniffles, nose wiping, and the constant requests for his “pantanggal sipon” {an all-natural soothing balm made from peppermint, eucalyptus, and bergamot essential oils which I always keep handy at home}. The fact that it is a tad difficult to get Jared to take his meds and vitamins also complicates things! And if you add the news about the threats of Zika Virus and dengue to the mix, it will be enough to make this mum lose her mind worrying about her child!

This is why I thought the new Ceelin Plus TV ad is very timely and relevant. It sums up all the worries and concerns that mums have today while reminding us that it  really is a must that we make it our goal to keep our children healthy with strong immune system to fight off these season-related illnesses. Apart from making sure they eat healthy and drink enough water, as well as get enough rest during the day and sufficient sleep at night to help their little bodies recover from the demands of the day, it is also a must that we provide them with a supplement that will not only help them keep the sickness at bay, but also makes their bodies stronger.

Since the beginning I have only trusted Ceelin, and later on Ceelin Plus, for my son’s additional protection. It has the best combination of Vitamin C and Zinc through ZincPlus Technology, that provides superior protection from sickness thereby lessening occurrence of sickness and reducing the severity and shortening the bout of sickness in case your child is sick. And did you know that the Vitamin C and Zinc content in 1 teaspoon of Ceelin Plus is equivalent to 10 glasses of milk or 59 pieces of biscuits?! Check out their new TV ad for more information. This is good news for me since the little one simply refuse to drink milk from a glass and he, for some unknown reasons, is not too fond of eating biscuits.

Including Ceelin in my little one’s daily regimen seems to do the trick since aside from occasional asthma attacks {which thankfully disappeared when he got bigger} and the usual sniffles, he has never really been seriously sick or hospitalized since he was a baby. It is also very convenient for me that Ceelin comes in chewable form, it is perfect for my little one who dislikes taking medicine and vitamins in syrup form. In fact, when I ask him to take his vitamins at night, he always asks for the “chewable” one.

If you want to have less worries about your children’s health, it is high time to consider giving them their dose of Ceelin or Ceelin Plus daily. These come in Ceelin Plus Drops 15ml {Php82.00}, Ceelin Plus Drops 30ml {Php114}, Ceelin Plus Syrup 60ml {Php78}, Ceelin Plus Syrup 120ml {Php140}, Ceeling Plus Syrup 250ml {Php237}, and Ceelin Plus Chewables 100s {Php450} and also comes in Apple {drops and syrup} and Orange {chewables} flavors. It is a brand manufactured by the brand trusted by many Filipino mums, Unilab, and is available at leading supermarkets and drugstores around the country.

For more information about Ceelin and Ceelin Plus, hover over to the Ceelin Facebook Page,

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