ParentTown: A New Parenting App On The Block

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Mums nowadays are fortunate to have a number of resources for parenting and motherhood available online. Back in the days, I do not have regular access to the internet while pregnant with the little man so I relied mostly on books and publications that tackle pregnancy and parenting. I was also fortunate to have fellow pregnant mum friends whom I can talk to about my concerns and worries as a newbie mum when I finally gave birth to my little bundle of joy. Later on, I also discovered this wonderful online community of mums, which is a treasure trove of awesome ideas and clever parenting and mummyhood tips.

ParentTown App Menu

The online mum community I signed up for years ago was an avenue to meet other mums who have similar concerns and issues. I have learned a lot of nifty tips about planning my son’s first birthday party, children allergies, as well as where to get the most fad yet affordable clothes for children or one of those 12ax7 tubes for your musically-inclined kids , from other mums who’ve been there before me. It has really been very helpful in my motherhood journey that is why I am delighted to share with you today a new parenting app that I am sure you will find most interesting.

ParentTown is a new and free app especially made with parents in mind. Here is a brief description from their website:

ParentTown is a platform for mums and dads for anything parenting. Ask a question, and the growing community of experts, parents and parents-to-be will share their experiences. If you have a sensitive question post anonymously. Have a cute baby picture, use our Photo Booth feature and share with our closely knit community.

We also host live sessions with some of the best parenting experts around you. We aim to make your journey from pregnancy to parenting a smooth ride.

To start your ParentTown experience, you may download it from Google Play {for android} and from the App Store {for iOS}. You may also access the ParentTown website using your Facebook or Gmail accounts.

The app is pretty straight-forward and the interface is easy to use. A parent can conveniently access all the information he might need or require from the app with its very organized and systematic menu.

I’ve downloaded the app recently and here are 3 things I love about it: 

  1. It is free and easy to use. What more can I say when an app allows you to access a mountain of information that might come handy in your parenting journey for free, right? It is also a plus that any parent can easily use it, anytime, anywhere. For convenience and easy access, you can always opt for the mobile app, while if you prefer accessing the world wide web through your computers or laptop, you can also easily access the app’s website.

    ParentTown TV tab
  2. It’s a great online resource for parents. Being a mum requires one’s full attention and ParentTown makes it more convenient for us by gathering all the resources we might need in one place. They have informative videos of experts talking about important parenting issues and concerns on ParentTown TV. It also has a very organized forum, grouped in different categories and topics, where parents can ask questions from fellow parents who have more experiences. When plagued by sensitive issues or topics, a parent can even ask anonymously.

    ParentTown PhotoBooth tab
  3. Photobooth Feature. We all are doting parents and want to brag about our children from time to time and this feature is just the best way to do that. Simply snap a photo of your little pride and joy and post it on Photobooth to show the world about your little one’s latest and cutest photo! In the same manner, you can also catch a glimpse of other babies and kids in this tab. :cute:

I give ParentTown  :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:. Motherhood and parenting can be rather challenging and this app allows us a glimpse on other parent’s lives letting us know that we are not alone in our concerns and struggles. I also love that it gives so many invaluable information parents need to raise their children in this day and age. This is ideal for newbie parents who are still grappling with their new roles and for parents who are looking for invaluable advice and words of wisdom from other parents. It does pay to have this app handy in your mobile phones at all times. Do download it now if you haven’t already. You can also follow the ParentTown Facebook Page for more updates,

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