3 Looks That Look Great for Christmas Pictures

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Image by Serge Bertasius Photography from freedigitalphotos.net

With autumn upon us, Christmas will arrive before we know it. While there are presents to buy and wrap, grand feasts to organize, and family dramas to navigate, make sure you don’t overlook your festive photo attire. The memories you capture this season will sit on walls and mantelpieces long after you’ve carved the turkey! Creating the right image doesn’t need to be difficult though; these stylish looks will always impress in your Christmas photos.

Casual Christmas Chic

Think of your favorite photos. Are they the posed ones where you’re dressed to the nines, or are they the more casual ones where you’re simply enjoying time with your loved ones? If you gravitate toward the latter shots, then a casual Christmas chic look may be for you. This should be a slightly more polished version of the way you present yourself day to day.

If you have a favorite kitschy Christmas sweater or basic blouse you adore, wear it with pride. It’ll look great with a dark pair of denim jeans, a more stylish choice than those with a lighter wash. Add some court shoes and a tailored wool or felt coat and you’re good to go. A high ponytail or hair left down around your shoulders looks ideal with this outfit.

An Angelic Look in Neutral Cream

Image via Flickr by Me in ME

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Simple Steps Towards Better Health

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The desire to diet is one that most people have at some point in life. If you are not good at sticking with a diet routine then you might give up on your attempts much faster than you’d like to. Instead of feeling like diet is not for you, it can be much more helpful to reexamine how you’re approaching the idea of getting your health in a better state. Though there are plenty of diets that are proven to work most diets are not able to work for every person.

Feeling defeated before you even begin is a surefire way to fail. Instead of allowing this sensation to consume you it can be helpful to consider alternatives. When you want to eat mayo, go for a healthier option like “Just Mayo” by HamptonCreek. If you need a snack then see how berries might fill you more and nourish your spirit deeper than a bag of chips would. If you are ready to start making lasting changes in the way that you approach your health it is time to consider the most useful methods that will work for your needs.

tips and tricks, health, health and wellness, healthy eating

Find a Better Choice

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The Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher: Your Defense Against the Threats of Dengue + Zika

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With the World Health Organization naming mosquito as the number one animal threat to humans, a tropical country like the Philippines, where mosquitoes are very rampant, must always be vigilant for any oncoming Dengue outbreaks. The government has so far faced these threats with readiness and practice.

Recently though, another vector-borne disease is plaguing and threatening everyone’s safety.

With the recent global onslaught of the Zika virus, a disease carried by the same mosquito breed {Aedesaegypti} that carries Dengue and Malaria, there has never been a greater time to truly invest and become knowledgeable on its symptoms and cures. But time spent on learning these things only means acknowledging the mosquito’s capabilities of infecting and invading your home.

With such great threats, stocking the right medicines or listing emergency hotline numbers won’t be enough. A better and an even more effective way to fight thesediseases is toalready defend and protect yourself before it even comes to you. There are many ways how to do it.

Aside from maintaining the cleanliness of your house and keeping pots and containers free of water, remember this“4s”guide from the Department of Health:

  1. Search and destroy mosquito breeding places
  2. Self-protection measures
  3. Seek early consultation for any symptoms
  4. Say “no” to indiscriminate fogging

In line with this advocacy, and with the aim of keeping Filipino families safe, Sharp brings you the Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher. It is equipped with the 5-Step Mosquito Catching Mechanism to help you protect your family right inside your home.

Plasmacluster Air Purifier with Mosquito Catcher

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