Take A Pause From Your Devices With A Screen Time App – Rebuilding A Family

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Have you ever found yourself sitting on the living room sofa, dying to talk to your kids but couldn’t because they were too busy with their smartphones and iPads? Well, I have found myself in this situation more than once. It gets frustrating, doesn’t it? You talking and your kids sitting there, half present, occasionally granting you an “hmm”.

When it continued, I knew I had to do something. I made some rules in the house regarding device use in the living room, dining room or whenever the whole family was sitting together. They agreed to it, thankfully. It worked for a while and then the things were the same again. Because the devices were forever present with the continuous distraction of beeps and dings which are too difficult to resist.

School and Health Concerns

Apart from the fact that I was afraid my son will become incapable of human interaction, I was also concerned about his health. Although the signs have yet to show, I do not want to wait until my little one gets tired all the time, or experiences difficulty in sleeping, or worse, starts losing interest in physical activity. I do not want to stall and wait until I get a complaint from my son’s school about a drop in his performance. I knew I had to do something before it gets serious.

Jackpot: Parental Controls

I searched the internet and came across screen time parental controls like FamilyTime. A screen time app is a digital alternative to house rules. The good thing is that it completely removes the distractions by cutting off their access to the devices.

consumer and technology, technology, apps, mobile apps for the family, parenting 101

Even if the devices are nearby, they are of no good to the kids. It is completely in control of parents to set the limits.

Of course, I had to talk to my little man about it and he didn’t agree at once. But I told him about the health risks and that I wanted to spend time with him. He reluctantly agreed but it soon became normal for us. Guess what? After a while, the little one agreed that it helps him sleep better, study better,  and feel more connected to life. Another thing I do is arrange different activities for him during the screen breaks. We read together, bike together and even jump on the couch when we feel like it. Give it a try for free and know how it works.

Taking a pause is the key!

Using a screen time app has worked pretty well for me and my family. It is essential to control excessive device use for better family communication, health, and mental well-being. So if you face the similar situation, I suggest you do the same. You will feel more connected to your children and they would perform better, physically and school-wise.

Mum’s two cents

Keeping our little one’s eyes and attention away from their mobile devices and games can be quite tricky. It can also be frustrating at times that is why this new app that allows us mums to monitor and regulate the amount of time they spend on their tablets and apps is very handy and timely. Try it now if you haven’t already!

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