The countdown continues for the merriest season of all and now that we’ve got only 27 days to go before Christmas, I am sure most mums are busy ticking off one item after another from their Christmas list. Of course, a good number of people in our lists are children ~ may they be our very own kids, our inaanaks {godchildren}, or our children’s classmates and friends. Fortunately, we have unlimited choices when it comes to Christmas gifts for children and I have listed a couple of them here, each aiming to increase children’s creativity.

Cross Stitch Kits

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I am sure I will get collective sighs and nods of approval when I say that children have had enough screening time, may that be from the tellie or their handheld gadgets, and that they all could use time away from these devices. Teaching them to cross stitch is an interesting way to introduce children to a new skill, and eventually, a new hobby. Getting them a cross stitch kits australia will help them jump-start this hobby. It promises endless hours of creativity and enjoyment as they create their very own thread masterpieces.

Origami Books

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Origami is one thing I absolutely enjoyed doing as a kid and I re-discovered the fascination now that I am having an overload of old Prison Break episodes {the main character in the series, Scofield, loves making these paper cranes}. I cannot wait to turn my stash of origami paper into colorful cranes to include in the Christmas cards I will be sending to friends across the miles this year. This old form of art will surely worm its way into the hearts of children today. The art of paper-folding will not only improve their hand-eye coordination but will also teach them invaluable lessons about diligence, patience, and perseverance. Getting them an origami book {like the Easy Origami by John Montroll, $5.92 at} and a set of origami paper is a potential recipe for hours of creativity. It is also a perfect bonding activity with family or friends.

Faber Castell Connector Pens

Of course, nothing enhances a child’s creativity best than by gifting them with any drawing or coloring material. This connector pens from Faber Castell is a perfect gift idea as they do not only come in many different colors but also in different packages to fit your budget. You can choose from a pack of 10’s or 20’s. They are even available in pack of 60’s and 100’s. What’s better is that children cannot only draw with them, but they can enhance their creativity further by creating structures by connecting these pens together. It is like buying two gifts at the price of one!

Planner Kits

Watercolour Workshop

A planner kit is something any creative little miss will love. You can DIY your own planner kit gifts and include a basic planner {like this Pink Macata from CN Paper Crafts}, cute accessories like bookmarks, paper clips, and pins, colorful reusable stickers, and cute pens! You may also add in a couple of inserts as well as other paper crafts and materials.

tips and tricks, children, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas

Nothing beats the gift of learning new ways to express children’s creativity, so for this Christmas why not gift your child or your godchildren with a watercolour workshop? By joining this workshop, children can learn more about watercolouring, meet like-minded people, and probably gain new friends, too. The Crafters Marketplace hold watercolour workshop, as well as a host of other similar workshops regularly. You may visit their Facebook Page, to inquire.

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