5 Things To Love About The WTN Travel Planner 2017

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It is that time of the year again when people are going crazy about collecting stickers from their favorite coffee shop to get their very own planner for next year. If you are a planner gal who refuse to shell out more than Php2,000 just so you can get a new planner, then read on to know more about WTN Planner 2017.

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WTN Travel Planner 2017

The WTN Planner 2017 is not just any ordinary planner. Each month acts like a chapter in a book with art and narrative based on real life experiences. In between the stories are pages for the owner to fill with his or her own adventures. Take a peak inside the pages and you will see the following details: planner, planners and notebooks, 2017 planners, paper products, announcement, press release

  1. The pages are dateless ~ You can write incessantly for a month and skip the other. It takes into account that sometimes life gets too busy that we stop writing down plans. But then when we do, there are neat lines and clean pages for you to write on. planner, planners and notebooks, 2017 planners, paper products, announcement, press release
  2. Tick off WTN’s travel bucket list ~ It contains a list of experiences from what to eat, to ride and what to learn in the Philippines as well as other destinations in Southeast Asia.
  3. Plan your vacation leaves ~ The planner also has a section where you can organize your vacation dates and it has a template that may help you get your boss to easily approve of your leaves.
  4. Backpacker’s checklist ~ Most travelers would say that packing is one of the most exhausting parts of a trip but it also one of the most essential. The planner contains a checklist of personal items as well as group equipment that will help you prepare for your next expedition.
  5. Thoughts from fellow travelers ~ Each chapter of Lessons on the Road is based on a lifetime of passion for travel shared by a group of friends. There is also a section where people share their thoughts on following their passion and finding purpose.

WTN in a nutshell

planner, planners and notebooks, 2017 planners, paper products, announcement, press release

WTN is an online community of creatives based in the Philippines. WTN stands for Where To Next, a question often asked by people who love to travel. It is also the driving force of the brand as it creates products, curates stories and organizes events that aim to inspire others to travel with passion and purpose. Compared to the previous WTN planners, the 2017 is no longer a collaboration between WTN’s co-founders Ayen and Rachel. It is a direct product of crossing paths with people who chose to live a life dedicated to the pursuit of adventure. And it is the authors wish that it will also inspire the owner to explore this vast and beautiful world, experience as much as they can and create their own stories.

I am not too much of a traveler {although I would really love to be one, if only our time and pockets would allow}, but I really love the WTN Travel Planner 2017. Not only that it has a number of great features but it is also affordable at Php595. To get your own copies or to know more about this planner, you may visit the WTN website at wheretonext.ph or follow @wtn_wheretonext on Instagram.

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  1. Where to Next planner seems like my kind of planner. Although I already got my Starbuck’s planner, I still want to get one just to inspire me to travel more next year. Most of my travel blogger friends are going around while I am stuck at home and just with events since I wanted to go a country I still haven’t been I hope that inspires me to revisit places in Asia since for sure I’ll enjoy it as much too.

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