Coupons For Good: 5 Hacks For Buying Charitable Christmas Gifts

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Skip the traditional sweater, scarf, or soap set and give something meaningful this Christmas. Charitable gifts offer a heartwarming way to give back to others while also providing a special gift to someone special. Try the following five creative options for giving charitably this holiday season.

Give a Gift in Someone’s Honor

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One of the most straightforward ways to engage in charitable gifting is to donate in honor of someone. Choose a gift adoption card from the World Wildlife Fund, and your recipients can redeem it for a symbolic adoption of the species of their choice.

The gift catalog for Heifer International includes gifts such as a pig, alpaca, or flock of geese. TisBest offers charity gift cards. These cards allow your recipients to choose the charity themselves from dozens of options so that they can support anything from veterans and disaster relief to animals with your gift.

Buy Goods That Give Back

Many companies make charitable donations to worthy causes for every purchase. For every pair of glasses you buy from Warby Parker, the company donates a pair of glasses to needy people in developing countries.

For every product purchased from SoapBox, a bar of soap is given to a person in need. Gifts like these ideas essentially double your giving. You’re gifting one product to someone on your shopping list and making a donation to someone else.

Pick Coupons That Support Charity

You can support a charitable cause while saving on your Christmas purchases when you know where to shop. For example, if you use a Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon available through Goodshop, a percentage of your purchase will go to support the cause of your choice. Same goes with Best Buy, which also gives back a portion of their sales to charity through their foundation. Best Buy coupons and discounts can be found at Mamma.

Dozens of companies participate, so you can use sources like this example for nearly any purchase. Check out the donation percentage before you settle on a company, as percentages can vary from one seller to another.

Support a Company With Great Corporate Giving

Do some research into the companies that you’re buying from this holiday season. Many corporations strive to give back to their communities. The Lowe’s Charitable and Educational Foundation provides community grants ranging from $5,000 to $25,000. When shopping at and using coupons with Lowe’s, you can help support efforts like these as well.

Dick’s Sporting Goods supports community programs that encourage sports participation through Coupons For Good. Shop with companies that support causes close to your heart.

Buy From People in Need

You can buy many stunning handcrafted items that come with an unexpected benefit. World Vision sells items like elegant capiz shell coasters handcrafted by Filipino artists or charming votive holders made in India. The products help the artisans raise themselves out of poverty, and your accompanying donation supports other worthwhile causes. Other sites, such as Artisan Connect, source products through small collectives with the goal of providing living wages to all the crafters.

Charitable gifts come in many shapes and sizes. You can approach this type of gift giving in many ways, but all of them offer something meaningful to those who have less during the holidays and add a special touch that your recipient will enjoy as well.

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