Coupons For Good: How Mums Can Feel Beautiful + Charitable At The Same Time

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Every mum wants to feel beautiful not only on the inside but also on the outside. As a mum, you spend so much time attending to your children’s needs that you don’t always get time to tend to your beauty needs. When you find makeup, lingerie, or perfume that you like and that makes you feel prettier on the outside, you feel great.

Then you discover the experiences of giving to a charity or helping out others in your community and find that giving makes you feel great on the inside. How can you feel beautiful on the inside and outside? You can buy beauty products that you love from companies that give to charities and that engage in philanthropic activities.


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Perfume is one of the simplest ways to make mums feel good about themselves. Whether you are staying home with kids all day or heading out with friends for the evening, the mere act of spritzing yourself with perfume perks up your senses and provides you with a boost of confidence.

Once you find a fragrance you like, you might find a money-saving Sephora coupon that lets you do some good in return for your purchase. You can be confident knowing that your purchases at Sephora allow this company to help people who live in communities that have been affected by natural disasters or other unexpected life-changing events.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is another supplier of beauty products and supporter of charities. This company focuses on providing products that are natural and environmentally friendly. You can find natural products ranging from lip balms to lotions and hair products, and part of the proceeds go toward animal protection, human rights, and environmental protection charities.

Victoria’s Secret

Are you looking for something to make you feel pretty and attractive to your loved one? Find a new bra, panties, lingerie, or other intimate wear from Victoria’s Secret and discover how quickly you can feel beautiful on the outside. Better still, Victoria’s Secret is also a proud supporter of the American Cancer Society, Pelotonia, and several other related foundations.

When you shop at Victoria’s Secret using coupons from Goodshop, you get to feel pretty not only on the outside but also on the inside.


M·A·C is an excellent cosmetic company that provides women with a range of makeup and beauty supplies. You can find everything from mascara to lipstick and makeup brushes here. Before you finish shopping, find out which M·A·C product proceeds get directed toward the M·A·C AIDS Fund. Campaigns are continually changing, but when you buy the products from the current campaign, the funds go toward helping men, women, and children who are living with AIDS. Add a product from the campaign to your shopping cart and help M·A·C help those who have AIDS.

Find your beauty products at retailers that give something back to others in need. When you consciously make these shopping decisions, you can feel beautiful and charitable at the same time.

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