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Do you know your kids could do so much more with their iPads and computers? Imagine them creating their own apps and games, or even building and programming their own robots through coding. Yes, it’s possible! The great thing is learning how to code at a young age has become more accessible with the Junior Academy for Coding Knowledge {JACK}.

JACK, a premier study center nestled in the heart of Ortigas, aims to equip kids and teens with basic coding knowledge and develop their skills through hands-on training.

Currently, JACK offers various courses designed to sharpen their logical-thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as boost their creativity. These courses are carefully grouped into three to allow them to specialize in a specific track.

First is the Create Track, where students learn coding as they specialize in developing applications using various tools.

For students who want to specialize in programming by coding machines to life, they can enroll in the Play and Learn with STEM Track.

Last is the Tinker Track, where students can specialize in courses that will mold the young engineer in them.

Time to empower the children of today to be innovators. Why let them just play when they could be the creator of the next big app or game? Enroll them in one full track or enroll them in individual courses from different tracks. The great thing is discounts are available if students enroll in multiple courses.

You can also get 5% off from your total registration fee if you use my promo code. Simply type Mumwrites x JACK in the promo code field when you register. Note that if you are eligible for other JACK discounts, the higher discount will be applied.

To register, go to jack.com.ph/register. For more information, you may check jack.com.ph or contact 0977-8410482.

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