Lovin’ My New Blog Theme From Squeesome Design Studio

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Look who just got a beautiful makeover!  :inlove:

I know my previous theme was pretty, but it was also old and so obsolete, it is in dire need of a replacement. That is why I am really stoked when I finally had my theme done and transformed into this simple yet classy and elegant design. I am totally loving the new calligraphy-ish header and I love the simple and clean layout, as well as the lovely colors.

I have been meaning to have my blog design done but I was still saving up some precious $$ to make it possible. I have also wanted one done by no less than awesome designer Kaye of Squeesome Design Studio but, alas, I cannot afford it! That is why when I found out she was offering discount to fellow Bulacan bloggers, I did not think twice in grabbing the opportunity. It was also good that I finally had enough moolah in my Paypal account at the time! 😀

Apart from making these oh-so-gorgeous blog themes, Kaye is so easy to talk to. After checking the mood board I created for my would-be theme, she has this beautiful theme done in less than a week and installed in a day or two! Yes, that fast! She even made me a matching Facebook Page cover as well as a watermark for my photos.

I am a 100% satisfied customer and I highly recommend that you check out Squeesome Design Studio now if you are also planning to have a theme done for your blog. In the meantime, allow me to marvel at my elegant blog theme while reading about zoom video recorder. I sure hope my new blog design inspires me to work on my backlogs and share more tales here in these pages.  😀

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