18 Awesome Facts You Never Knew About Your Favorite Coldplay

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Guy Hurst (guy hurst) on Flickr – Coldplay – Glastonbury 2016

I’d bet you a show ticket you never knew at least some of the cool Coldplay facts listed below. Check them out and correct me if I’m wrong right now!

18 Ridiculously Interesting Facts About Coldplay Most Hardcore Fans Don’t Know About

The end of this year is extremely prominent for all Coldplay fans in the world as the bands European tour dates were recently announced. 13 new dates in a total of 9 countries from Germany to Ireland to France ~ oh what a time to be alive, right?

And, while you can always book your Coldplay tour tickets online (although you should probably do that in advance, like right now, before the halls run out of seats). There are still essential preparations every fan needs to make. For instance, how about getting to know your favorite band slightly better?

Here are 18 totally random and yet really cool facts about Coldplay you probably never knew about.

Bring in the facts!

Let’s cut the long story in half and skip all of the unnecessary introductions. Here’s exactly what you came for. Thank me later.

  1. Remember those wristbands that change their color along with music rhythms that were so popular as giveaways on the Mylo Xyloto in 2001? They cost a total of $4.22 million!
  2. Mylo Xyloto, now that we are speaking about it, was originally intended as an animation film. The music was written as the soundtrack.
  3. Chris Martin has once journeyed off to his show via subway. He was surrounded by dozens of fans and yet nobody recognized him.
  4. Coldplay’s HQ is in a former bakery they’ve bought in the middle of London.
  5. Coldplay guys love to give cool presents. Ellen Degeneres, for example, was gifted with an elephant head that was used for the ‘Paradise’ video.
  6. Did you know Chris can speak ‘Devonian’? He calls it the farm language and apparently he is the only person in the world to excel at it.
  7. Coldplay’s original name is Starfish, I’m happy it didn’t stick.
  8. Jonny Buckland dreams about leaving the band for the prominent career of a football star. Let’s just hope that sports scouts rarely visit Coldplay shows.
  9. Barack Obama loves Coldplay and has several of their albums on his iPod.
  10. What does Guy find as the most amusing part of being in Coldplay? The fact that he does not have to put on a suit and a tie every morning to make a living.
  11. The entire band met in college.
  12. Viva la Vida was started under the influence of a hypnotist.
  13. Chris Martin regrets there’s only a handful of Coldplay songs in karaoke bars.
  14. Chris’s favorite song, by the way, is ‘Glass of Water’.
  15. There are not one, but two official videos of Viva la Vida.
  16. Shaun of the Dead had cameo appearances of both Chris Martin and Jonny Buckland.
  17. Chris is an actual disaster in the kitchen. He has only cooked twice in his life and both times the fire brigade was called upon.
  18. Despite all, Chris has the hottest cook in the world for himself ~ Gwyneth Paltrow.

Yes, these are the 18 cool facts about everyone’s favorite Coldplay. Do you have any more to share? Please feel free to. Just contact us and I’m sure the list will be updated shortly!

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  1. Surprising facts! Hahaha. Nobody recognized Chris? That’s so impossible!!!! Buttttt. Im so sad i wasnt able to buy a ticket. It was sold out so fast! I had fun reading this! And woohoo! Obama loves Coldplay!

    1. Fascinating facts, right? Yes, it was sad for Coldplay fans who failed to get a ticket for the show. Hopefully, they’d return sooner so those who won’t be able to watch will get another chance.

  2. For any coldplay fan out there, these are the things that would make them really happy. I like them but I’m not a huge fan. Don’t kill me. I’m a Tita. I just know a few songs.

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