Fun First Time Experiences For Kids

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Parents are always looking for new experiences for their children to help their children grow and develop their imaginations. It is fun to take your child to an amusement park or a playground, but there are several other first time experiences your kids would enjoy that would make a lifelong impact.

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A Retreat Into The Woods

For young children, a camping trip in tents that takes place in the deep woods may be a little too intense. But you can look for log cabins for rent to give your child a first time camping experience they will never forget. A log cabin offers many of the comforts of home that will not have your child apprehensive about the great outdoors. Your child will get the chance to experience nature close-up, and explore a bit of the world outside of your hometown.

A Wild West Town

A child enjoys using their imagination to create a world of their own. If you want to spur your child’s imagination, then get them to a Wild West town to experience something right out of a movie. There are several functioning Wild West towns throughout the United States that offer a real-life experience for your child. It will be a family vacation that your child will talk about for years.

A Drive On The Open Road

The idea of a Sunday drive has been a punchline for many years, but it can also be a great way for your child to experience something new. All it takes to amaze a child is to show them something they have never seen before and if your child has never seen wide open spaces and the big blue sky, then a Sunday drive with the family could be just the thing to get that imagination going.

fun activities with children, children, travel, tips and tricks
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A Night At A Drive-in Movie

If you have a drive-in movie close to your home and you have never taken your child to see a movie under the stars, then now should be the time. Seeing a movie at the drive-in is a very different experience than a standard theater and your child may find something new they enjoy with movies on an outdoor screen.

Part of raising a child is providing those experiences that become childhood memories. Take your child to see and do things they have never done before and you will start to see their imagination flourish as they get older.

Mum’s Two Cents

the little one, starstruck and bashful in meeting the cast of his fave TV show, Hi5 {from last year}

It is one of our great accomplishments as mums to witness the marvel in our little ones’ eyes whenever they experienced beautiful things for the first time. It is also one of our responsibilities as parents to make sure they experience as much of the world as they possibly can. These wonderful experiences will not only make for great memories to look back to when they are older, but are also key in making them better individuals that will hopefully change the world for the better.

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  1. I have always wanted to do a drive in movie. But I don’t think we have that here in our place. I find it fun. And also romantic for lovers. But I am also wondering what will happen when it rains? lol

  2. As a kid, there will be many fun first times! It’s up to the parents how are they gonna make it better for the children. Good parenting and wise decision making shall always be the basis. Make great moments with your child so long as they are still children. Happy parenting!

  3. A retreat into the woods! So simple but so effective. We take things for granted as adults, there aren’t many things as satisfying in this world as the sounds of the woods, babbling brooks, the wind in the trees, birds chirping. Bliss. And a totally new experience for the kids!

    That one is going on the 2017 bucket list!

  4. Lovely tips. When I went on a mild trek sometime back in a forest, a fellow trekker brought with her, her 10 yr old kid. He was going ahead of all of us and was the more energetic when compared to the fit youngsters!!! Its so necessary to bring the kids out of the tv & video games…

    1. Yes, peeling them off the screens are rather tricky these days that mums need to be more creative and clever. Trekking is something I would love to do with my little one when he is a bit older.

    1. That is one of my favorites in this list. I am sure my little one would get a kick at watching his favorite films underneath the stars. I wonder where they have that here, though.

  5. These are fantastic tips and I am always happy to read posts like this a s a new mom and share with other moms. We have been doing a lot of first time stuff since he is now walking, cant wait for Spring so we can do more when it is not so cold.

  6. This is great ideas for children. I loved being nature-related activities as a child like camping. Log cabins are something I’ve never been into though, nowadays I wanna rent one. Mostly during winter for skiing, I’ll see to rent one. A Wild West Town is also an excellent idea. And you’re right about their imagination. So much stories were going on in my head that I was fine playing on my own in the garden Haha

    1. Yes, these activities are great to participate in with kids as these not only allows for worthwhile use of their time, but will also allow them to grow as individuals.

  7. I like the retreat and drive in ideas. I think my kids would enjoy these activities. Even my teens. Is there a drive-in in the metro? Would be a perfect place for families and couples.

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