3 Things To Love About Cusina Dishwashing Liquid

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This is a long overdue post and has been sitting on my “Drafts” folder for months now. I am glad I finally managed to publish it. Read on to know more about this all-natural dishwashing liquid that this green mum is raving about!

I have always loved natural and earth-friendly products, they are not only safe for my little man but also for the environment and our planet. That is why I was thrilled when I got this package from Cusina Dishwashing Liquid containing samples of their dishwashing liquid trio.

Cusina Dishwashing Liquid comes in 3 variants in vibrant 375ml bottle:

  1. Ginger Yuzu Peel ~ Slightly sweet and citrusy, with floral note from the Japanese yuzu fruit, and a spicy yet soothing hint from ginger make this a delicate scent that promotes tranquility
  2. Lemongrass Citrus ~ a first whiff reveals a familiar lemon scent. But then again, like discovering a new favorite song, in comes a mid-note of stimulating citrus with an energizing minty lemongrass finish.
  3. Grapefruit Lemon Zest ~ like your cheery fun-loving friend, Grapefruit Lemon Zest’s scent is there to brighten your day with uplifting top notes of fresh pink grapefruit and a clean, crisp lemon zest end.

Cusina Dishwashing Liquid is very effective in removing dirt and hard-to-remove grease. I also love how it leaves plates, pots, and pans, as well as those microwaveables {which are so tricky to wash} squeaky clean after each wash. It is also effective in removing odors from the hands, especially after peeling garlic and onions or preparing meat and fish dishes, so I always wash my hands with Cusina Dishwashing Liquid after working in my tiny kitchen. And because it is made of concentrated liquid, just a few drops of Cusina goes a long way! Among the 3 variants, I love Grapefruit Lemon Zest the most because grapefruit and lemon are two of my most favorite fruits and scents.

products, Reviews, product review, mum going green, mum finds, homemaking, earth-friendly products, all-natural products for the home, all-natural cleaning products

Here are 3 Things I am sure every mum will love about Cusina Dishwashing Liquid:

  1. It is made from all-natural ingredients ~ What’s really not to love about a dishwashing liquid that is made from all-natural ingredients? Now mums do not have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into our kitchen utensils and eventually onto our bodies, or worse, our children’s bodies! Now, there is no need to worry about letting the children wash the dishes, since no irritating chemicals will get into their hands or skin while helping with the chore!
  2. It is infused with Tea Tree essential oil ~ I discovered Tea Tree Oil early last year and found out about its natural purifying properties. It has been used for centuries as a natural purifier to ward off bacteria and molds, and I have wondered since why they are not putting it in every cleanser or soap product, so Cusina Dishwashing Liquid is truly heaven-sent! Now I do not have to add a drop of Tea Tree Oil on my dishwashing liquid to make sure I remove bacteria especially from my son’s plates and glasses. {I will make a separate post about tea tree oil and its many uses and benefits soon}.
  3. It smells oh-so-good! ~ I cannot say enough about how good-smelling this product is! It leaves the kitchen smelling like a garden after each use! I also use it to clean my floors and add a few drops of it on my vinegar-baking soda bathroom cleaner. 

products, Reviews, product review, mum going green, mum finds, homemaking, earth-friendly products, all-natural products for the home, all-natural cleaning products

I just wish they will make these products readily available in every supermarket and grocer around, as they are not on sale in any groceries in my city. Although they are now available at SM Supermarket, SM Hypermarket, Unimart, Cash & Carry, Pioneer Supermarket, Echo store, The Green Company, Babyland, Babymama, and Apotheca Pharmacy. They are also available online at Lazada, Marketa, Cudsly, Baby Mama, and Babies To Toddlers. Late last year, I got my stash from Mommy Mundo’s Expo Mom at Glorietta.

Availability aside, Cusina Dishwashing Liquid is mum-approved and gets :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes: from me! I highly recommend you try it soon and see for yourself how effective and fragrant this all-natural dishwashing liquid is! For more information about their products, do visit the Cusina Home Website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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    1. Good thing you point that out mommy. I have to edit the post to include the price 😛 Considering it is all-natural, the price of about Php85/bottle is very affordable to fit any household budget.

  1. I really am curious about the Lemongrass Citrus smell, I bet it just smells wonderful. I’ve not seen this in our SM Supermarket, but I’ll check again when I go there this weekend, but Lazada has this? Good, I’ll get it there if SM still doesn’t have it. 🙂

  2. Just like I mentioned to you before, if there were no liquid restrictions at the airport and budget constraints, I would have bought this one when we visited the Mommy Mundo Fair. I hope to try it one soon since it’s all-natural. I want my children, who now does chores, to use this kind. I don’t want their hands to get skin allergies from irritants found in other dishwashing liquids.

    1. Yes, very ideal for the kids doing chores, mummy! I hope I can find some soon. Will include a bottle or two of this in your package if I do. 🙂

  3. you sold me at tea tree essential oil! that would be an amazing smell while using it! i’m always using lemon smell. will try to find this if we have it in our store!

    1. I know, I was also sold with tea tree oil! 😀 The smell is absolutely amazing! I love using lemon but I drink it instead of using it as a cleanser around the home as they are way too expensive here. Hopefully, you can find one soon.

  4. I love Cusina dishwashing liquid. I like that it’s natural and the smell is not irritating. But, I also hope they will be available in all leading supermarkets nationwide.

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