Laundry was not one of my favorite chores at home as I used to get backaches after doing several hours worth of laundry with my hands. It became an entirely different story when we found the perfect washing machine for our small family. Suddenly, I am looking forward to laundry day and it has become my favorite and now I do laundry as often as I possibly can.

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So going back to the question, is it a must to get a fully-automated washing machine? My answer is a resounding “Yes!” It pays to invest on a good washing machine as it really is such a big help around the home. Just imagine all the free time you get when you do not have to do the laundry by hand? I am thankful for my washer, Fuzzy, it was like having an extra pair of hands to work around at home and since she arrived, I have more time for more things that matter like spending more time with my boys.

Here is an exciting news from our friends at Sharp about their new fully-automatic washing machine. Read on to know more, especially if you are on the look out for the perfect automatic washing machine for your home.

To any moms, or possibly to anyone in general—whether a yuppie taking responsibilities in her new apartment, a dad in charge of the house for the day, or the teenager designated to do the chores over the weekend—laundry day remains to be the day most people would rather skip. With piles and piles of clothes waiting to be washed, it can truly be overwhelming.

While laundry day is indeed not everybody’s favorite, there is no denying that it is an important chore in the household. But with a variation of fabrics that require different washing treatments—from cotton, to wool, to those thick and heavy denim pants—doing the laundry is no easy job. It takes a certain knack and a certain amount of patience for someone to perfect the art of clothes washing and drying.

A great performance though is not complete without the right assistant. Because facing mountains of laundry is not something you, or anyone else, should face alone. Sharp’s Fully Automatic Washing Machine is revolutionary with a stainless steel holeless tub that prevents mold build up and helps preserve the quality of your clothes. Without any holes for fabric threads or exterior black molds to go through, the Fully Automatic Washing Machine ensures that your clothes will only get to experience thorough washing without the tough treatment and the bad elements.

home, home appliances, homemaking, press release

Also with an Anti-Bacterial Pulsator and Auto Tub Clean, the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine offers a hygienic and sanitary washing. The tub is also eco-friendly and saves up to 30% on water compared to traditional tubs with holes. And with its megamouth opening, you can easily load your laundry items including those thick, heavy blankets and towels.

The built-in Fabric Softener Dispenser also allows you to properly and safely pour liquid detergents or softeners without harming or damaging the fabric of your clothes and ensures that the detergent will be evenly distributed to all items during the wash.

Anyone’s laundry day will never be the same again with Sharp’s Fully Automatic Washing Machine. It provides an enhanced washing experience without wasting (next) precious time and energy. With its innovations and different features, washing clothes is now easy, safe, and convenient.

The Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine provides complete care for your clothes so you can spend more time with the family or your favorite hobby. Let this smart washing machine do all the hard work for you as you allow yourself to have that much-needed break and relaxation.

Visit, Sharp Philippines on Facebook, or on Instagram to know more about the Sharp Fully Automatic Washing Machine. You can also go to an authorized Sharp dealer near you to see more of Sharp’s washing machine offerings.

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