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Parenting can be very tricky and one cannot follow a single guideline or parameters as no two children are alike. Even parents with multiple children need to vary their parenting style based on each child’s personality.

The fact that parenting did not come with a manual makes it an exciting yet frightening phase in a parent’s life. The parenting books can only get you too far, and the parenting tips you read online may not be as effective to you children as they are to another parent’s child.

Truth be told, parenting is almost always instinctual and each parent-and-child’s journey is different form the next. So relax, mum, because you are doing a good job. And in case you want to earn more “cool mum” points with the kiddos, I have enumerated a handful of suggestions here:

101 Parenting Tips To Consider

  1. Think before you speak
  2. Be considered a positive role model
  3. Listen, capture, and redirect
  4. Be spontaneous and loving
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  6. Promote a secure and loving home environment
  7. Concentrate on cooperation over competition
  8. Focus on your youngster and what interests them
  9. Stress the conduct not the kid
  10. Don’t compare them with their siblings or others kids. Each child is unique.
  11. Remind them frequently just how much you love them
  12. Spend some time together doing what they like to do
  13. Pay attention to their perspective and assist them to achieve their goals
  14. Help them with their assignment but do not do it for them
  15. Get involved with their school
  16. Encourage them to make friends and welcome their friends into your home
  17. Assist your child to discover new interests or skills
  18. Understand that tomorrow is another day. Ask yourself if “it will really matter tomorrow?”
  19. Provide positive and reassuring feedback
  20. Let them know you like them {don’t suppose they don’t need to hear it often}
  21. Guide by example
  22. Let them know everything has its own time
  23. On persistence ~ show them why they have to wait
  24. Set goals together
  25. Give real responses
  26. Give real effects
  27. You have to follow through along with your actions and your words
  28. Reward them for their patience
  29. Reward them for getting a job done well, especially when you are not looking!
  30. Expose them to fun activities that will make them work on their patience
  31. Teaching diversity ~ watch films that feature different countries and culture
  32. Teaching diversity ~ let your kinds find pen pals from other countries
  33. Teaching diversity ~ create a game from researching different cultures
  34. Capitalize on “teaching moments” in life
  35. Investment time
  36. Encourage cooperation
  37. Foster openness and family participation
  38. Set family goals
  39. Encourage them explore your town
  40. Do not, and I repeat, do not embarrass them!
  41. Show them the importance of smile by example
  42. Encourage them to be open about their feelings
  43. Praise them for their good behavior
  44. Learn how to pay attention to your youngster
  45. Helping Hands ~ teach them the significance of helping others
  46. Learn how to pick your battles
  47. Know your child to understand and connect with them better
  48. Be their friend, but let them know that you are the parent
  49. Monitor online activities
  50. Teach your child to be independent
  51. Let them be!
  52. Set rules for them to follow at home
  53. Know their friends
  54. Discuss drug and alcohol appropriately with your children
  55. Appreciate who they are
  56. Do not undermine your child’s capacity
  57. Do not underestimate your child’s capabilities
  58. Promote new activities
  59. Set routines and be consistent
  60. Clarify, teach, speak, hear, inspire, reward, assistance, and cheer on
  61. Hold back the insult and opt for constructive criticism
  62. Allow your kids to talk about their emotions
  63. Foster an open environment in the home and never be judgmental
  64. Teach them to be comfortable in their own skin
  65. Don’t give answers provide instructions
  66. Encourage them to explore on their own
  67. Challenge them
  68. More than their achievements, be proud of their efforts
  69. Educate your children to respect others
  70. Teach them the magic of saying “Sorry”
  71. When on the verge of losing temper, take a deep breath before speaking.
  72. Encourage honesty
  73. Teach your child to apologize by apologizing when you did something wrong
  74. Encourage concern
  75. Show persistence
  76. It is never early to teach them about money and saving
  77. Explain that they “cannot have it all”
  78. Master table manners
  79. Help them to unleash their potentials
  80. Teach your kids to make thank you notes
  81. Spend time together
  82. Let them know that you trust them
  83. Make family rules together
  84. Enforce these family rules strictly
  85. Talk to your kids concerning the rules
  86. Set real punishments for breaking rules and avoid empty threats
  87. Include your child in making plans and decisions
  88. Know when to make exceptions to the rules
  89. Remember that they are not you!
  90. Guide them to improve themselves
  91. Ask yourself “will it matter in 5 years?”
  92. Teach them self-respect
  93. Respect your child
  94. Speak with them not at them
  95. Listen to them positively
  96. Inspire them to do the best in every situation and to not give up
  97. Follow your parents’ footsteps
  98. Show your child the importance of having and being a friend
  99. Challenge them to be better versions of themselves
  100. Get healthy together
  101. You enjoyed your childhood, let them enjoy theirs

If you made it here, then thank you and congratulations! I hope you learned new things on how to become a cool parent to your child. If you have more ideas, do drop them in a comment below and I will be delighted to add them to this list!  :laugh:

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