Family: 4 Ideal Activities To Bring The Family Together

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Research shows that families spend less time with each other than ever before. However, there are a number of ways you can bring the family together and create new experiences that you will all remember in the future. Here are just some of them.

Bake A Cake

The popularity of TV shows like the Great British Bake Off has made baking a popular pastime in the UK for many people of all ages. However, this can also be something you can do as a family, especially if you want to teach your children some cooking skills. There are a number of ways you can carry out this activity. You could have a baking night, where everyone in your family gets together to create homemade cakes, for example. Many retailers sell baking supplies, including bowls and baking trays, and you can spread the cost of any items you purchase over time and make repayments in a number of different ways, including via the phone and online.

Photo by C. SHII on Unsplash

Host a Crafts Night

Just like a baking night, a crafts night can be a great way to spend time with your family and improve creativity. You could create homemade crafts that your children might actually use, for example. If you need crafts supplies, you’ll find a number of catalogue companies that cater to your needs. Many of these retailers will deliver items to your door, too, so you have everything you need in time for your crafts night.

Card Games

Many people enjoy cards and have developed new twists on traditional games that have been popular for decades. You might want to hold a cards night, where you and your family play a variety of games, including online versions of spider solitaire. You could even teach your children card tricks if you know any! There are a number of places you can purchase cards online, with some retailers delivering these items to your door.

Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

Colouring books

Colouring books have slowly become more and more popular over the past year. This is because there have been different versions released for example geometric, doodle, tattoo, and even celebrity colouring books. You could get all the members of the family their own book and sit down and relax at the dinner table. This is a great way of getting people together and communicating.

Mum’s Two Cents

Family members are more preoccupied these days that bringing them together can be quite tricky. It is a must that parents see to it that the family engage in activities such as the ones mentioned above to keep the family closely knit as well as keep the communication lines between parents and children open.

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  1. Coloring is so much fun and I’m thrilled that I can color in adult coloring books while the kids color in their favorites. Spending time with the family is important and these are all great ways to make it happen.

  2. I agree so many families don’t spend enough time together. The kids were always in the kitchen help and learning even when they were very little. We played board games all the time. I remember coloring and hanging up the pictures or framing them.

  3. very interesting ideas. I know my boys will love coloring books and card games. I often play Duck,Duck, Goose, Goose with them but mama is getting old now lool

  4. These are great ideas. Sometimes it’s so hard to get the teens off electronics enough to want to spend time with you. I’ll have to see if my daughter will go for some of these ideas.

  5. We like to have a game night once a week. And my girls and I love to color together when we have extra time on the weekends.

  6. We have coloring book time in our house! My toddler saw me coloring in a Harry Potter coloring book one time and decided that he wanted us to do it together!

  7. These are some great ideas on how to spend family time. My kids are such big fans of board games- you should see our collection.

  8. Some of these are our favorite things to do as a family. My kids enjoy baking and doing crafts with me, We usually have a family game night on Monday’s.

    1. Family game nights sounds like a very good idea. My son recently rediscovered his Lightning McQueen playing cards and we are having quite a great time playing with them!

  9. What a lovely post! I always loved to draw or color with my mum. Also going to beach or park for a picnic was my favorites, and of course baking. These activities are not only fun but they’ll also teach kids a lot! <3

  10. I am really guilty with this. Being a solo parent who does homeschool and making the bacon (WAHM), finding time to spend with them seems undefined. Like I am here, but I am not. Anyway, we used to play board games before. We play Monopoly. I am planning to buy Scrabble soon. I hope we can spend time together again.

    1. It is a common dilemma for stay/work-at-home mums, I guess. And we often feel guilty about it. The simple activity of dining out together can also be considered as a bonding activities and I bet the kids enjoy them, too! Here’s to having more time to spend with the little ones! :*

  11. I’ve seen episodes of the Great British Bake Off and I must say the kids are adorable. I wish my daughter is a bit older already so we can bake together. For now, I think she would be more of a headache rather than a help because I’m guessing she would touch everything she can touch. I think the best activity that we can do together for now is the one that involves coloring books. Thank you for the tips!

    1. Yes, it is advisable to consider the age of your child, too. Colouring books with a little tot sounds like a lot of fun! I hope you enjoy it! ^_^

  12. With a family like ours, it would be hard for us to create this as my husband only has a single day off. We usually spend those time going out. We want to make baby expose to people so that when he’s a little bigger, he will easily get along with people. Also, it’s only our time to travel in places. But I realized that these are great to do whenever our day offs will fall on rainy days. It might work well with these.

    P.S. I love coloring books. I’m only hoping that my husband would love to do that but he prefers watching anime, like how I watch korean dramas.

    1. There is something about men and coloring books! Haha! Yes, no matter how limited your family time is, these activities can easily fit those moments, making them great opportunities to bond and be closer as a family.

  13. I remember the time when me and my elder brother used to play card & board games with my dad. I must say it was one of the good times we had with him. I’m lucky to have a dad who likes playing with his kids. That’s why I completely agree with the things you’ve written here. Also, these are amazing activities to connect with family, specially with younger kids.

    1. Memories of playing board games with my Papa are also my fondest memories of childhood. That is why I am planning to get my own Scrabble game soon so I can hand down the legacy to my little man! ^_^

  14. Baking and craft nights are always fun (and great) ways to bring a family together. I LOVED baking with my mom and sister when I was a kid (and we still bake together sometimes now!).

    1. Baking is something I look forward to doing with my son. I am investing on an oven this year so I can start learning how to prepare baked treats in my diminutive kitchen.

  15. These are all nice activities. You can probably add boardgames too? Family time is very important.. as for us, we sometimes go out of town during weekends or we have weekend lunches and tea. Then we just talk about different stuff. This list is also good for friends get together.. We sometimes do have baking nights. ­čÖé

    1. I was actually tempted to change card games into board games, as I also experienced many summer nights playing Scrabble with my family when I was younger! ­čśÇ

  16. Well, hosting an arts and crafts will surely take my breath away! I have been in love with art since I was a child and surely it brought my family together especially when I would play for them. They would attend my recitals and take photos with me. However, some do not really have that love and fondness for the arts and crafts. How I wish it could be promoted more!

  17. Lately, coloring has been the activity that brings the family together. My daughter has this huge cardboard fun house that we’ve been coloring. We;’ve even had the grandparents and aunt and uncle over to color it.

  18. I absolutely agree that the parents are the ones liable for bringing the family closer. One doesn’t need to have a high budget in doing so. One just needs creativity or a blog one can read like this to get ideas. The ideas you stated are actually de-stressing too especially the crafts night and coloring books.

  19. Family time is very important. Due to time constraints many of us do need spend as much time as we should have. I make sure that I don’t neglect family time at all.

  20. I think the idea of baking a cake with the family is a lovely one. After all, it’s something you can all enjoy eating together afterwards too! ­čÖé

  21. All good ideas and really any activity is a good way to spend time together. Baking a cake sounds fun. Crafts and coloring is another nice way. A trip to the park and some kite flying is fun too.

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