Money Matters: Maintaining A Balance Between Your New Mum Shopping List + Your Debt

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Becoming a mum while you are in debt can be quite a predicament. Although there is nothing more exciting that being a mum, it also entails a growing list of things to buy for your soon-to-come-out little bundle of joy and this can only make your debt situation even worse. Some would agree that it is indeed very costly to prepare for a new member of the family, this is why you need to carefully plan your purchases and balance out your shopping list versus your debts so you won’t be neck-deep in bills to pay by the time your baby comes out.

Here are a few nifty tips that can help you out with your mum shopping vs mum debt dilemma:

On Buying Baby Clothes

No matter how tiny they may seen, baby clothes do not come cheap. You might want to think twice about splurging on onesies and tie-side shirts no matter how cute they are as the baby will only use these for a short while. Also, you might want to consider buying one or two sizes bigger so you won’t have problems about ever-growing babies who require a change of wardrobe after every few months. Some might be squeamish about pre-loved items, especially for newborns, but this is something you might want to consider, as well, as these pre-loved stuff cost only a fraction of those found in the malls. You might also want to put off buying so many clothes at ones as the baby would definitely receive similar items as gifts from loved ones and friends. 

Do You Really Need All Those Baby Shoes And Boots?

Before spending a good amount of money on shoes and boots, it is wise to consider that the baby won’t be needing this until she is almost a year old. You might want to suspend shopping for all those lovely shoes and boots while she is still an infant and would most likely be comfy and snug with a pair of warm booties or cute cotton socks. You will save more if you delay buying the shoes until your little one is ready to toddle or walk around.

money matters, money talks, parenting 101, tips and tricks, parenting tips

Plan Your Purchase

If you have limited budget to spare for your baby’s clothing, it is most wise to plan and schedule your purchases. Depending on when you will be needing the clothes, it is best to wait for the mall and end-of-season sale to shop for your baby’s needs. You will get good, and even designer brand, items at a fraction of their original price if you do. You can even take this opportunity to get a few more items for the baby since you will be getting them at discounted price.

Always Buy In Cash

It is very easy to get carried away when shopping, especially when you are simply swiping your credit card, but this can also bury you further into debt. Before you know it, you might be needing credit card refinancing to get rid of all your debts. It is wiser to be mindful of how much cash you have in your purse and shop within your means whenever you go to the mall to avoid accumulating debt. It is also a must to set a budget and stick to it no matter what. You will make unimaginable savings this way.

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