Our #ScholasticWarehouseSale Book Haul

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Going to the Scholastic Warehouse Sale is always a joy for this bibliophile mum! You can read about my previous book haul here. Last December {yes, this is another one of those long-overdue posts!},  I am glad I managed to drop by their Pasig Warehouse just in the nick of time. We went a few days before the sale is over and as expected there were many book lovers on a mission to bring home as many books as they can. I was also determined to try their Book Buffet Box All You Can, where you can fit as many books as you can in a box and pay only Php799!

It was a hot Saturday afternoon and the warehouse was already teeming with people browsing through piles of books looking for something interesting. I decided against availing the Book Buffet, though, as I did not see any How To Train Your Dragon books, which I am planning to complete for my little bookworm who was so much into Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III and his gang at the time! And I just remembered, I was also waiting for a bulk of pre-loved books I ordered online! 😀

books, mum finds, books for children, Warehouse Sale Books, children's books, book finds, mum reads

Since I already reached my personal quota for books that month, I fought all the urge to hoard and let the little one decide on which books to get, instead.

After a while, my little book reader handed these titles to me:

  • Star Wars Folded Flyers
  • Cars 2 Book of the Film
  • A Fairly Odd Halloween {A Spooky Pop-up Book}
  • If You’re A Monster And You Know It {hardbound}
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid The Last Straw {I had to choose this last one since Jared’s original choice cannot be sold separately as it was part of a box set}

I must say, Jared did an awesome job at choosing which books to buy. He wanted to have a pop up book as the one we were eyeing online was not available. Must be why he grabbed the Halloween pop-up book the first chance he got. The Star Wards Folded Flyers was also a good steal considering that it is originally sold at Php895! We had tons of fun creating those paper Star Wars aircraft and equally had an enjoyable time getting them to fly!

books, mum finds, books for children, Warehouse Sale Books, children's books, book finds, mum reads

Of course, the Cars 2 book was a given since my little one is a huge Lightning McQueen fan. After reading it, he spent a considerable amount of time copying the book onto one of his notebooks on weekends {a perfect way to practice his penmanship!}. I added the last book, Diary Of A Wimpy Kid, as I wanted to collect this set thinking Jared would love to read them when he is  a bit older.

All in all, the trip all the way to Pasig from Bulacan to check out the Scholastic Warehouse Sale was well worth it. Nothing beats hoarding books and paying only a fraction of their original prices! Truly a good value for mum’s money! I cannot wait for the next Scholastic sale so we can get more titles for our little library!

For updates on their warehouse sale schedule, do not forget to follow Scholastic Asia on Facebook.

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