3 Signs Of An Unfaithful Partner That Many Women Miss

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Every woman likes to believe that she would never date a cheater or that she would be able to catch on if she discovered her partner was cheating. While one can spot obvious signs of infidelity, such as mystery phone calls and excuses made for coming home late, even savvy women might not recognize everything. Would you catch the following three subtle signs that could suggest that your significant other is being unfaithful to you? Or do you need to hire a local private investigator to help you figure it out?

He Refuses to Make Future Plans

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When you suggest going to an event over the weekend or hanging out Friday night, does he commit to spending time with you? Or does he dodge the commitment by saying he’ll let you know what he’s doing closer to the date? While a guy might have plans with his friends, you should never get pushed away as a backup option.

If you regularly come up with ways to see each other and he regularly comes up with reasons to miss them, then it’s time to find someone who is willing to make you a priority.

He Cares More About His Appearance

Eating better or going to the gym more are always good habits, but a complete lifestyle change could mean something is up. Is he suddenly shaving more and leaving the house wearing nicer clothes than he typically does? Does the gym suddenly seem to be paying off even though he’s been going there for months?

Studies have shown that cheating men physically change. They start taking better care of themselves and lose the relationship weight that they might have acquired over the years. If your partner is not making these changes to impress you, then he’s making changes to impress someone else.

He Suddenly Needs More Space

Does your significant other only want to spend time with you a few times a week instead of every day? Does he hide his phone and take longer to return your calls or texts? Did he tell you that he needs more space?

These scenarios tend to be a catch-22 for women: They want to give their significant others more room, but they end up coming on too strong to save what feels like a failing relationship. Further, this arrangement puts the blame for any relationship problems on the woman, while the guy is actually using the situation as an excuse to be with someone else.

Like most signs on this list, you can spot a cheater by looking for sudden behavior changes. If everything is going great and then suddenly he tells you he needs more space, he has something he’s not telling you. He could be cheating on you or looking to break up with you.

Many women feel like they can stop cheaters or convince them to turn away from their infidelity. But if your partner cheated on you once, he’s likely to cheat on you again. You’re better off picking up on the above warning signs and then moving on to someone who will treat you with respect.

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