3 Things We Love About #BeloBaby + A Giveaway {Closed}

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Time does fly! Can you believe it has been a year since Belo Baby changed the way we take care of our skin? I was one of the privileged mum bloggers to get first dibs on their new product line when they launched last year {you can check out my post here}. We were also lucky to be the very first to see their TVC and watch their very adorable little model, Scarlet Snow Belo. Isn’t she just oozing with cuteness and charm? She sure is one of the most well-loved babies on Instagram and other social media platforms! :inlove:

Belo Baby products are heaven-sent especially for mums who are careful and mindful about what products to use on their children. This product line for children boasts of carefully-crafted products that contain all-natural ingredients that are sure to take care of the most delicate baby skin and get the approval of the most meticulous of mums! Belo Baby took extra care in choosing what to put in their products and chose Cocoa Butter {which strengthens and moisturizes skin, and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties}, Shea Butter {a known superfood for the skin and naturally heals common skin conditions of babies like eczema and rash}, and Sweet Almond Oil {a natural emollient for softening skin by locking in moisture into the skin}.

Belo Baby was also careful about what to leave out and most mums will definitely have peace of mind to know that these baby products have 0% harmful chemicals like sulfates {a common sensitive skin irritant that strips the skin of its natural oil}, Tetrasodium EDTA {a preservative that breaks down the skin’s protective barrier}, parabens {synthetic preservatives used to prolong product shelf life and linked to numerous diseases including cancer, endocrine disruption, and skin irritation}, SLS, Tetrasodium Etidronate, phthalates {a chemical ingredient used to soften plastics and to help lotions penetrate the skin}, and formaldehyde, that could lead to skin irritation and an assortment of other diseases.

Belo Baby is, indeed, crafted with care for the most delicate skin, for the most meticulous mums.

What We Love About Belo Baby

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Belo Baby made bathing and bonding time with our babies and children safer and fun! Without harmful chemicals to worry about, mums can now concentrate on making fond memories with our little ones. My son has very sensitive skin prone to itch and irritation, this is why I am most mindful of what products to use on him, careful not to aggravate his skin condition. One of our favorite bonding activity is putting Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion {Php224.75} on him before bedtime. This is a must before sleeping and something he always looks forward to. He also enjoys it every time. I am also delighted to use it on him as it not only smells very nice but it is much lighter on his skin unlike most lotions out in the market. Belo Baby makes sure that Jared does not only smell oh-so-good when he sleeps but also keeps his sensitive skin smoother and moisturized.

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I also love the Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash {Php219.75} as it makes bathing time more fun! The soft and gentle scent is so ideal on children’s skin  and hair and I simply love the way it makes my little one’s locks smoother and softer. The faint baby scent also surprisingly lasts until my first grader is back from school, which is very commendable considering how my son perspires! It is also ideal for budget-savvy mums since it is technically a a shampoo and a body wash in one bottle!

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The Belo Baby Soap {Php79.75} also smells just as good and just about the right size for my little one’s chubby hands. I will let him use it when I teach him to shower on his own this summer!

Here are a few more reasons why we love the Belo Baby line:

1. All-Natural Skin Care for Kids

I cannot say enough about these all-natural skin care products for babies and children! Babies and children, after all, have the most delicate skin and mums ought to be mindful of what we apply on them as harmful ingredients can easily permeate a child’s skin. Skin also is the biggest organ in our body that we should also take extra measures of taking care of it and protecting it. Apart from having certified all-natural ingredients and 0% chemicals, Belo Baby is also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and perfect for all skin types, making them very safe for delicate baby skin.

2. Easy on the Budget

All-natural baby products almost always come with a steep price tag, that is why Belo Baby deserves a pat on the back for coming out with natural products that fit mum’s budget. Now going all-natural for the products we use on our children’s and our skin need not put a hole in our pockets or entail additional expense!

3. They are Readily Available

Oftentimes, all-natural children products are hard to find. I remember when my little one was much younger and I’d spend extra for the products I used on him because they were not available in the supermarkets or groceries and I had no choice but to order them online, thus the additional shipping expense. So, kudos to Belo Baby for making top-notch all-natural products for children readily available in my local mall and supermarkets! Opting for natural products to use for my son is no longer a hassle!

To know more about their products, or to greet them on their very first birthday, do not forget to visit the Belo Baby Website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Belo Baby Birthday Giveaway

Happy birthday, Belo Baby!

Yes our favorite all-natural baby products is turning 1 this month and as a way of sharing the cheer with our beloved readers, we are giving away a set of Belo Baby Products to 3 lucky mums! This gift pack includes 1 Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash {200ml}, 1 Belo Baby Face and Body Lotion {200ml}, and 1 Belo Baby Bar Soap {100g}.

To win, all you have to do is do the following:

  1. Follow Mumwrites on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Follow Belo Baby on Faceboook and Instagram
  3. Post your very own Belo Baby Moment featuring your child and your favorite Belo Baby product/s. Tag 2 of your mum friends, along with @belobabylove and @mumwrites. Use the hashtags #BeloBabyMoment, #BeloBaby and #BeloBabyxMumwritesGiveaways. Make sure to make your post public.
  4. Leave a comment on this post with the links of your shares with your name and your email address.

Here’s a sample entry:

You can also earn extra entry by sharing my giveaway post on Instagram or Facebook and let me know which Belo Baby products you’d like to try on your child and why. Tag @mumwrites and use the hashtags #BeloBabyMoment, #BeloBaby, and #BeloBabyxMumwritesGiveaways.

This giveaway will run until 23 March and the announcement of winners is on the 24th! I will wait for all your beautiful Belo Baby moments mums, good luck!  :-*

For more chances to win, you can also join the Belo Baby Instagram Giveaway. 50 Belo Baby Gift packs are up for grabs to celebrate their 1st birthday!

Giveaway Winners

I wish I could give a price to everyone who joined our giveaway as every entry is just as cute as the next one, especially the little ones! I wish I could give a Belo Baby gift pack to each of them. Unfortunately, I am only to choose 3 lucky winners {used Random.org list organizer} and here they are:

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Congratulations to the winners, expect a Facebook message from me today! ^_^ For the not-so-lucky ones, we will be back with another giveaway sooner than you think. Thanks for joining our giveaway!

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  1. I’m beginning to love Belo baby. 🙂 I like that it’s affordable and is readily available. 🙂 Thanks to Belo baby, at least we now have another option that is of good quality products and always available for all. Belo sounded like for facial and beauty operations before. Now, it is slowly becoming a household name.:)

  2. We’re able to try the Belo Baby Hair and Body Wash! Super bango nya and long-lasting talaga ang scent kaya super favorite ko s’ya for my little one. I need to snapshot a photo of my little kuya with this para maka-join ng giveaway.

  3. I like Belo products too, the price is reasonable compared to other baby products. I have tried the Belo soap bar and it is just okay for us. But we love the Belo Cologne, sometimes I also use it, nakikihati sa anak. hehehe!

  4. Those are exactly the same things anyone should look for in a product. Having natural ingredients is a product is a must because what goes on our skin care very well get through it. Belo is really commendable for having trust-worthy products that does not break the bank. Affordability and usefulnesa are two attributes that aren’t easy to beat.

  5. We’re a Belo Baby user and I love the lotion the most! I like the hand sanitizer too. We got a new set during the recent smart Parenting seminar. My sister, who was 17 yrs old, won the raffle and was called Mommy Ashiel. Tawa kami ng tawa. haha.

  6. I cannot really relate that much since I don’t have any kids yet. But, whenever I see Belo Baby, I’d always remember or think of Scarlet Snow. It’s like, automatic. Hahaha! But, I do think their products are really good. ??

  7. My babies are all grown up! Long since I purchased any baby item.
    These tempt me. When they hit the shelves here I will get some to pamper myself.

  8. Awwww. This is so adorable. Such a cute giveaway. I think the best thing is the quality and affordability more than anything else.

  9. I am so glad the market has products for children that are made for complicated and mixed skin, and that are readily available. And what I like most is that ordinary people recommend these. So, every mom can see why is the product good for her child. Natural ingredients are something we all look for in a product when we have kids. That’s why I wish for Baby Belo to last many more years. 🙂

  10. Am I also entitled Vix? Hehehehe.. I have a baby too 😛

    I never tried Belo products especially for my kids. Would you recommend Belo Baby to your friends? I am quiet interested in trying them

  11. These products sounds too good.It is always good to use natural skin care products on baby skin.Thanks for sharing such a detailed review of these products.I’d like to use on my kid’s skin.

  12. This looks like a nice giveaway. I like that the products are allnatural and gentle for kids. It’s also good that they are not expensive. And how nice that they are readily available as well!

  13. Aww sayang hindi ko naabutan ang contest 🙁 Anyway, aside from being an all-natural product for babies, I like that it is readily available, it’s always in department stores and supermarkets so it’s easy to buy if needed. 🙂

  14. I have heard a lot about Belo Baby but I haven’t get the chance to try it. The last time I check, it isn’t available yet in the store nearby. But I’ll try to check this time at Rob might they have one now. Anyhow, good luck to the lucky winner!

  15. I love sleeping clean and fresh and smelling great, so I want the same for my kids, too. Actually, for the hubby din pero ayaw maglotion eh haha! I love Belo Baby!

  16. With all the reviews that I’ve read about Belo Baby, I am really tempted to try. Kaso dami pa supply ng little boy for body wash, lotions, powder and the likes (sale hoarder here) haha.. I will definitely put this in my next grocery list.

  17. Congrats to all winners! I also joined a couple of Belo Baby Giveaways. Di ata ako nanalo. Haha. Anyway, I have yet to try to my son. I’ll buy kapag nag grocery kami 🙂 😀

  18. It’s so nice that Belo has products for the children as well considering that kids have very sensitive skin. Plus the fact that it’s economical! 😉

  19. Never tried Belo Baby products yet since I’ve been loyal to Cetaphil and Mustela, but will give it a chance next time. Oh and congrats to your giveaway winners

  20. Ah yes, subok ko ang Belo Baby especially with my youngest. Sagot ko to sa rashes nya! Kala ko dati marketing lang yung about harsh soaps and all, totoo pala!

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