Parenting 101: 5 Tips To Help Your Baby To Start Walking

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One of the best feelings a parent will experience during their baby’s early stages is when they learn how to walk on their own. Seeing them accomplish this feat brings a sense of pride and accomplishment exclusive only to parents. There is nothing better than seeing your own succeeding and growing into a fine and healthy kid.

If you are a new and excited parent that wants to see your kid walk his/her first steps, then you definitely need a lot of patience and effort before you can see that crowning moment. But, trust me, it will all be worth it. Once you see your kid walk his first steps, I bet that you will unconsciously cry your heart out with joy. And that you would want to share and let everybody know about your baby’s first steps.

Luckily, our friends at baby lovers from have shared 5 tips that will help you in training your baby to walk.

1. Develop their leg muscles

At about 4-7 months, you will notice that your baby will start bouncing. Once you notice this, try to assist your baby and help him/her bounce as much as possible. Bouncing will help develop his/her leg muscles which are very important in walking.

The next thing you will notice is your baby sitting and crawling. This will help develop your baby’s back and neck muscles that are essential in maintaining balance. During this process, try to guide your baby at first until gradually letting him do it independently.

2. Cruise Control

Once your baby learns to stand by himself, you will notice that he will try to walk after some time. Start by supporting and assisting him on walking. An effective way to do this is by supporting your baby in his armpit and making sure that he is trying to walk with feet flat on the floor. Do this routine until he is able to do it using the walls or your furniture instead of you.

During this process, your furniture, especially tables, with their hard edges might injure your child. It is advisable that you cover these edges with cloth or cushion to avoid hard impact if ever your baby bumps on them.

tips and tricks, parenting 101, children, babies, parenting tips

3. Commend your Baby

Always commend and praise your baby for his efforts. Trust me, it works a lot. By acknowledging their effort, your baby will try their hardest the next time around. There is that connection that links the parent and the baby, your simple gestures such as gentle pats on the head or very sweet “very good’s!” are definitely appreciated by your baby.  

4. Rest and Nutrition

It is also very important that your baby gets enough rest. Try to skip and juggle different activities, not just walking. Try to develop other areas like speaking and logic which is also evident during the early age. You must also make sure that your baby gets a lot of nutrition, especially protein, that will strengthen their bones.

5. Never Compare

The biggest taboo in parenting is to compare your child with another child. Every child is special and has their own unique traits and specific timing to accomplish things. Instead of giving them pressure, encourage them and make them feel that you are their greatest support.

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  1. I recall when Bunny was smaller. 🙂 We made sure that she had plenty of bounce time – hence the nickname Bunny. She was able to start walking just before her 1st birthday!

    1. Lovely nickname! ^_^ It is really best to wait for the child’s readiness, instead of forcing them to walk by using walkers and stuff. My little one also started walking before his first birthday, he learned toddling by using his crib as his guide. 🙂

  2. May I also add – don’t laugh at kids when they tried to walk and they fall. Its part of the process. Let them walk or crawl as they want. 🙂

  3. My son started walking a month or two before his first birthday. We didn’t get him a walker as our pedia was against it, she said kids will learn to walk on their own even without a walker. She was right. 🙂

  4. this reminds me of my daughter, she started walking few weeks before she even turned 1 years old and happy that I was there in Philippines to witness it. I used to massage her body and her legs every night probably it did help her to walk earlier than I expected.

  5. Kids learning to walk are always so cuuute! Also, don’t be afraid to use tools like a walker, and never force the child to walk if he/she’s not ready yet. Thanks for the tips! <3

  6. Oh how time flies! It feels like it was yesterday when my children were still babies and still learning to walk, now, not only can they walk and run, they actually have lives of their own. 😛

    Definitely a worthy article to read for newbie moms and not so newbie moms like me, I love reading articles like these cause it makes me look back on my experiences with my babies when they were babies.

    And agree with #5, absolutely! Encourage instead of comparing is the better alternative! 🙂

  7. Great tips! I think I have tried some of them when my babies learned how to walk. Thanks for sharing!

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