How To Save Money When Refurbishing Your Bathroom

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Have you been thinking about renovating your bathroom but procrastinating the revamp fearing that you might toss a huge chunk of money down the toilet? Reconditioning your bathroom ought not be a pricey or daunting affair. Of course you can end up draining as much as 20,000 pounds in a bathroom renovation or more, but you can save a good deal of money when you stick to a plan and a budget. I would recommend you get a few bathroom refurbishment quotes before you start to make any decision. Read on for some quick ideas on how to save money when refurbishing your bathroom.

Plan Ahead

Collaborating with an architect when renewing a bathroom is apparently the costlier route for a home owner seeking to save money on the project. However, the funds you pay the architect or designer are well spent. The architect gives you a professional plan that makes certain that you follow a realistic budget, timeline, as well as design. The plan sets your goal and you will feel gratified once you achieve it. Using the services of a designer helps you sidestep expensive errors and thus help you save time and cash.

Don’t Move Plumbing If Possible

Retaining the current plumbing of your bathroom can help you keep more of your bucks inside your pockets or bank. Moving utilities such as faucets, bathtubs, and toilets accounts is no menial job. Compact Toilets can help you with not changing existing plumbing.

Minimize The Area To Tile

Tiles can be costly, particularly when you factor in the costs of a builder to fix them. You can however save money by minimizing the area to tile and centre on the highly important parts such the floor rather than both the floor and the walls of the shower stall. Also, consider painting the walls instead of tiling. However, painting can take more time to dry and it also needs to be applied slowly and carefully. Use top quality paint that’s resistant to molding due to the rapidly changing heat and moisture conditions in the bathroom.

Mum’s Two Cents

Bathroom refurbishment can be costly and quite a hassle but is something that needs to be done sooner than later. These nifty tips mentioned above ought to make your bathroom renovation project more manageable and less stressful.

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