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It is rather sad to realize that while most of us would love to enjoy the full benefits of an active and healthy life, not most of us are willing to put in the hard work that goes into achieving this goal. It is easy to include “staying healthy” or “keeping fit” in our New Year’s resolutions or goals, but sometimes it is so much easier to oversleep than to wake up early and do stretching or some exercise routine before starting your day. Most of the time it is so much more convenient to stay in the couch in front of the tellie all day rather than to walk, jog, or bike around the neighborhood. Even this mum is guilty of this!

Would you believe that among 15 Asia-Pacific countries, Philippines is at the 9th spot of last year’s Healthy Living Index? This is a clear indication that while our awareness of various health risks and concerns are high, we are still prone to unhealthy habits and poor lifestyle choices {yes, like leading half-sedentary lives!}. As mums, it really is a must that we aim to lead a healthy active lifestyle in order to be around longer for our children.

This is where Philam Life would like to intervene and be a catalyst in improving the quality of life of every Filipino. To make living active a whole lot easier and more accessible for us, they formally launched the Philam Vitality Active App on 27 February at Earth Kitchen in BGC, Makati City.

The Philam Vitality Active App is in keeping with Philam Life’s mission to change public perception towards life insurance policies. As Philam Life’s CEO, Sir Aibee Cantos enthused “realizing how important good health is and how it is central to human happiness and economic progress, the Philam Group, together with our parent company, AIA, will reinvent life insurance by changing our and our customer’s attitude towards health.”

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To make sure this advocacy reaches every Filipino, Philam Life enlisted two of the country’s greatest volleyball players as Philam Vitality Active ambassadors ~ Alyssa Valdez and Mika Reyes. Not only distinguished and multi-awarded athletes, Alyssa and Mika are embodiments of hard work, discipline, determination, and dedication, and are most apt to inspire and encourage Filipinos to be fit and active, thereby bringing out the best in themselves.

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How To Use The Philam Vitality Active App

  1. Download the Philam Vitality Active App through Google Play or App Store Philippines
  2. Register by filling in your log-in details, including your email and password
  3. Complete a short questionnaire to calculate your Philam Vitality Age as a gauge of how well you live apps, products, announcement, health, mobile apps for the family, health and wellness, health apps, events
  4. You will be given weekly challenges to accomplish by completing a certain number of steps {measured by a fitness device or free fitness app}
  5. For every challenge successfully completed for two consecutive weeks, you will receive exciting rewards such as free passes to SM Cinema, SM Ice Skating, SM Bowling, as well as to Blink and Exploreum.
  6. Use the promo codes #ActiveAlyssa or #ActiveMika and join the Live Active Challenge now!

Download the Philam Vitality Active App now and get a chance to win 1 of the 8 Garmin Vivofit 3 Watches up for grabs! This promo will run from 01 March ~ 30 April, 2017!  

apps, products, announcement, health, mobile apps for the family, health and wellness, health apps, events

Philam Life in a nutshell

The Philippine American Life and General Insurance Company {Philam Life} is the country’s premier life insurance company. A member of AIA Group Limited, the largest independent publicly listed pan-Asia life insurance group, Philam Life was established on 21 June, 1947 and has then earned the trust of customer’s for it’s financial strength, strong brand name, and ability to deliver on its promises.

Philam Life understands the real life needs of its customers and provides the right plans and the right solutions, including life protection, health insurance, savings, education, retirement, investment, as well as group and credit life insurance. It also offers bancassurance and fund management products and services through its subsidiaries ~ BPI Philam Life Assurance Company {BPI-Philam} and Philam Asset Management, Inc. {PAMI}.

Philam Life has Php236.4 Billion in total assets and serves about 700,000 individual policy holders and over 2 Million insured group members.

Know more about their products and latest promos by visiting the Philam Life Website and following the Philam Life Facebook Page

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  1. I love fitness apps because they make workouts easier for me to track especially since I want to see my progress every day or every week. This sounds like a very reliable app!

  2. I love apps like this – I definitely need a bit of motivation to get up and do some exercise and this seems perfect – I like to compete against myself so I’ll always be trying to beat the previous day!

  3. This sounds like a great contest to enter. It is so important to put our health first and I love apps that help us do that.

  4. What an interesting app! I really hope that all those great rewards help people to stay healthy and move more.

  5. This app looks interesting. I don’t include exercise in my New Year’s goal because I know that I’m not fond of exercising. I know that we need to have an active lifestyle but I need a lot of motivation to exercise. 🙂

  6. This looks like a really nice and helpful app/tool. I might check this one out. 🙂 I’ve been trying to workout, however, recently, I haven’t done it regularly anymore. Hoping to get back in the game again.

  7. Wow! The app sounds interesting! I recently back from working out (running) and I still feel lazy to run sometimes lols. My mother in law needs to loose some weight too and I will definitely let her read this entry too. Thanks for sharing!

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