Movie Date: Beauty + The Beast

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The little superhero-loving dude in the house was not to keen on the idea of watching the new Beauty and the Beast motion picture. He reckons it’s a movie made especially for girls but I am glad I made him change his mind just in time. We were able to catch the screening at the local cinema this Saturday along with my siblings and he enjoyed the experience.

Beauty and the Beast in a nutshell

Of course, we are all familiar with Belle and her tale. This film was, after all, a remake of the 1991 Disney animated film which was based from an 18th Century fairy tale written by Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont. The 2017 remake boasts of an all-star cast, led by our beloved Emma Watson along with a number of familiar actors, including Ewan McGregor, Stanley Tucci, Emma Thompson, Ian McKellen, and Kevin Kline. I am also sure moviegoers will find Josh Gad’s {Lefou} singing voice very familiar and will remind them of another lovely princess tale, Frozen, where he lent his voice to the equally colorful character, Olaf.

The movie revolves around the Belle and the Prince, who was turned into a beast by an enchantress as a punishment for his inhumane character. She also turned his servants into inanimate objects and left the Prince with an enchanted rose and a warning that he will forever be a beast if no one falls in love with him  by the time the last rose petal falls.

Young Belle, on the other hand, is the odd one out in her village of Villeneuve for being the only woman in the village who can read. She absolutely loves reading and would regularly go to the village library in search of new books to read. She finds her daily life mundane and longs for more and for adventure and love which she often reads in her books. She passe the time away by helping her dad, Maurice, with his art and tinkering work.

Things picked up when Maurice chanced upon the Beast’s castle after narrowly escaping vicious wolves. He finds the castle strange and hurried to live after seeking refuge from the biting cold outside. Before leaving, beautiful frozen roses caught his attention and remembered her promise to bring one back to his beloved Belle. And thus, unfolds the timeless tale of Beauty and the Beast.

I am sure there is no need to go into the details as everyone knows this story by heart. The movie remains loyal to the original story and only have injected a few twists here and there. 

Mum’s Two Cents

This movie is nostalgic! It will bring you back to those days when you were a little girl and life was simpler. It reminded me of the old animated film and cannot help but see the animated Belle in Emma Watson’s portrayal. I can easily see why she agreed to do this film in the first place. Both her and Belle share a few things in common, including their love for books and empowering women in an otherwise male-dominated society. Emma doing the singing parts is also surprising. She may not have a very good singing voice but I do believe she did the parts very well. I was also particularly moved by the scenes with Belle and her father, at this point I am totally convinced that every dad ought to see this film with their little girls!

The scenes with the inanimate objects in the castle are fun and hilarious, and the most entertaining for my little one. I absolutely loved Lumiere and Cogsworth, as well as the mother-and-son tandem of Mrs. Potts and Chip. The ball scene was simply grand, I absolutely loved Belle’s gown! The part where Beast turned back into the handsome prince even earned gasps from ladies in the audience! He sure was a handsome and dashing prince!

We also enjoyed the musical bits of the film and hearing the all-too-familiar voice of Celine Dion as the credits traversed is also achingly nostalgic. She was the one who originally sang the iconic theme song for the animated version all those many years ago, along with Peabo Bryson.

I was tempted to skip this film as we we are waiting for a number of animated films to come out this year, but I am glad we went to see this! It was worth every cent and I would love to see it again soon! I am going to watch the film online as soon as I am done reading about this banjo for sale, check it out at  Go catch it in your cinemas if you haven’t already.

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