Mum Finds: 16 Gift Ideas For Dad

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I know Father’s Day is still a few months away, but it is never to early to look for cool gift ideas for dads or the special man in your life who might just be celebrating his special day very soon. Check out this infographic of cool things for men I chanced upon at I am considering the slim wallet, the grooming kit, as well as the wool antimicrobial socks for Jared’s dad. I am sure he will also like a wireless charging pad for his mobile phone.   

Which of these items do you think is the perfect gift for dad?

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  1. Pretty awesome recommendations, but I think this is missing something. I would definitely include a book with my dad’s favorite topic in this list. Like Archie Comics, Pugad Baboy or something about cars. 😀 And a letter alongside these gifts would make it more personal. 😀

    1. A book is always a great idea, although Jared’s dad is not such a reader so I refrain from giving him any 😀 And, yes, I would love to add a letter to any gift anytime! ^_^

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