#LiveActive With The Philam Vitality Active App

It is rather sad to realize that while most of us would love to enjoy the full benefits of an active and healthy life, not most of us are willing to put in the hard work that goes into achieving this goal. It is easy to include “staying healthy” or “keeping fit” in our New Year’s resolutions or goals, but sometimes it is so much easier to oversleep than to wake up early and do stretching or some exercise routine before starting your day. Most of the time it is so much more convenient to stay in the couch in front of the tellie all day rather than to walk, jog, or bike around the neighborhood. Even this mum is guilty of this!

Would you believe that among 15 Asia-Pacific countries, Philippines is at the 9th spot of last year’s Healthy Living Index? This is a clear indication that while our awareness of various health risks and concerns are high, we are still prone to unhealthy habits and poor lifestyle choices {yes, like leading half-sedentary lives!}. As mums, it really is a must that we aim to lead a healthy active lifestyle in order to be around longer for our children.

This is where Philam Life would like to intervene and be a catalyst in improving the quality of life of every Filipino. To make living active a whole lot easier and more accessible for us, they formally launched the Philam Vitality Active App on 27 February at Earth Kitchen in BGC, Makati City.

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