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I can’t believe it is March now and the school days are almost over! I can’t help but look forward to our upcoming summer activities like out-of-town trips, beach trips, etc. Although we still have a couple of weeks to go through before summer officially begins, I can already feel the heat. So, I decided to look for a blender which may aid me to freshen up my family in this hot weather. I an eyeing one that is durable and high-powered. I am torn in choosing from the reviews I read, fortunately, I came across this kitchen blender review. It is very helpful!

I already come up with a good choice and I can’t wait for it to arrive! I have lots of things in mind right now, things that I am going to do with the kitchen blender. Probably, I will make a refreshing mango smoothie upon its arrival, mangoes are my favorite. Hopefully, the my little man will love it, too. Mango is in season now so sweet mangoes are everywhere at a more affordable price!

I can also use the blender to help maintain my shape {or reduce weight!} and have a healthier lifestyle. I used to be a a vegetarian and it will be a delight to incorporate green smoothies into my breakfast or on my snack time. Cucumber and lemon is a perfect smoothie combination I have tried before and I find it very refreshing and delicious. I came to realize that what I purchase is not only for summer but also perfect all-year round, especially for mums who are aiming to get back into their lean and svelte figure! I also want to try making an all-natural tomato sauce for our spaghetti since tomatoes are very cheap this season. Imagine, I can use the blender not only for juicing but also for multiple kitchen-related purposes!

I am beginning to fall in love with the kitchen blender I purchased online. One of the nicest things I love about these kitchen blenders is the modern and digital design, making them very easy for us to use. Another thing that I like is the high-competency each kitchen blender has. I like how high-powered they are. Although the price is a little bit pricey compared to traditional blenders, their excellent functionality makes each peso you spent worth it!

I thought it is also about time I introduce my little one to healthy smoothies. I sure hope he likes the flavors we will be preparing soon in our diminutive kitchen. I thought it will also be a great way to bond with him while preparing these treats. It will also be a clever way to entice him to drink the smoothies, especially if he helped prepare them!

image via Pixabay

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