Weekends Made More Fun With Gardenia’s New Pocket Sandwich

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I have always wanted to make my little man’s weekend more memorable. The best way to do this is to visit my parents’ home so he can spend time with his cousins. It is always awesome to spend time with my niece and nephew since my son is an only child.  Also, I miss them so much since we do not get to spend more time with them. They are both growing up too quickly and it breaks my heart to not be a daily part of their lives. My nephew, Sean, is also turning another year older this month {my niece, Shane, just turned 10 last month} and I am amazed at how he’s grown from the tiny little bundle of joy who was too fond of biting his tita that I’d end up going to work with bruises on my arms.

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In order to spend more time with his cousins this year, it is one of my goals for the little one to go home every weekend. We were not able to do so the past couple of weeks, though, as I got busy with stuff and Jared was not feeling well last week. That is why I saw to it that we went this weekend. My son misses his cousins very much and it is pure joy to see him spend time with them. He had a wonderful time playing with his cousins. We visited my parents’ graves together and played badminton while at the memorial.

When we got home, we played taguan, which is one of the little man’s favorite games of late! Of course, the grown ups won’t be left out, we also joined in on the fun and looked for creative and clever ways to hide! It sure was a weekend well spent.

Of course, weekend will never be complete without something to feast on. My brother got some barbecue and grilled hotdogs and I bought packs of the all-new Gardenia Pocket Sandwich. Everyone enjoyed our simple mirienda and the sandwiches were finished in no time!

mum's thoughts, Family, food, family time, weekends

Gardenia’s Pocket Sandwich is available in two variants ~ Chocolate and Peanut Butter. Gardenia made it more convenient and handy to bring sandwiches any time and anywhere as these individually-packed sandwiches are already filled with spread and sealed to lock in its goodness. It is not only filling but also healthy for everyone, kids and grown-ups alike, as it is high in Iron and Folate which contribute to normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. Each sandwich also has Vitamin B1, which helps release energy from proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as  Vitamin A, essential for the functioning of the eyes. The sandwich is soft, creamy, and delicious, and available in flavors every kid {and the kid-at-heart} will love! Made by our favorite and trusted brand, Gardenia Pocket Sandwich is now available at leading groceries and supermarkets at the affordable price of Php15 per pack.

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  1. Haven’t tried this yet. I’ll be sure to get a sandwich or two when I next hit the grocery. Perfect for my daughter’s baon for school too. 🙂 And both chocolate and peanut butter would sure be awesome with an extra spoonful or two of Nutella. Yum! ^_^

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