7 Must Carry Special Gifts For A New Born Baby

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People just simply love baby showers. However, it is essential to make sure that you have the right gift to avoid showering the baby with many gifts that are unnecessary. Below are some ideas to help you make sure that the baby and mother are happy with what they have received. Continue reading to find unique gifts to last a lifetime.

Snap Suits

Every mom knows that snaps suits are essential and they will never be enough for the baby even up to twenty-four months of age. They should come in different sizes because newborn babies will grow faster. If they are in multiple sizes, they will be ideal for the baby as he/she grows.

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Children’s Books

New moms need a book for the child since as the child grows there will be the need to read something creative. A good example is The Giving which is a beautiful book for children to read. It is an exciting book yet with suspense and can make one have watery eyes because as the story ends. New moms need such books to keep for their children.

children, parenting 101, tips and tricks, parenting tips, gift ideas for babies


A diaper is a gift that can look dull, but it is still essential for the child. The child requires many changes during the day, and that is why it is important to have as many as possible. Before buying the gifts, consult with the mother to know the type of diapers that she needs. Since there is a need for several changes during the day, diapers can be expensive, and that is why is important to consider them.

Meal Plan

It is an excellent gift which is unique since many may not be aware of such gift. Food is important because it will help the mother plan for the baby so that he/she can grow efficiently. Few websites can be referred that offer food drops easily since the coordination can be hectic at times.

A Chip Will Work

It can be a surprise to come for new mom help by chipping in as a babysitter or a nanny. Since many would not be expecting this, it would come as a surprise to the mother, and she will be amazed by your kindness and a good heart.

children, parenting 101, tips and tricks, parenting tips, gift ideas for babies

Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets can be beautiful and attractive in a house with a newborn baby.The mother can always use them to lay the child so that the child feels comfortable. The mother is also exhausted most of the time, and as such it will work best for the baby to rest while giving the mother time to have some sleep.

Bath Products

Products for bathing are other gifts that can be useful to new moms. Remember that babies need many baths and mother should also remain as clean as possible. You can consider taking mommy and baby bubble to gift the newborn baby. Also, a top bath seat for babies is very useful and it can be on your gift list too. Ensure that you look for the best bath products for the mother and child and they will appreciate the good gifts. Gifting new moms is a good way to welcome a newborn baby.

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  1. About gifting book(s) to someone having a newborn, I suggest Pop-up Books aside to the colorful book. It’s a kind of book where upon turning pages, a fancy object pops out. It’ll greatly help your baby’s imagination and his/her awareness to surroundings.

  2. Wow, this reminds me of my kids who were a baby, sigh they are grown ups now, I miss this baby clothes big time

    1. The problem is they grow so fast, diba? I also miss the tiny clothes and other stuff, a few years from now my little one will wear the same size like I do! 😛

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