Book Review: Nina The Neighborhood Ninja

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I received a copy of Nina the Neighborhood Ninja for review earlier this year. Children’s books are my fave as they are the most colorful with equally interesting stories, and are easy to read, too!

Nina the Neighborhood Ninja in a nutshell

The books is penned by Sonia Panigrahy who is a public health professional, world traveler, adventure seeker, and a fitness enthusiasts. The lovely illustration, on the other hand, was done by Hazel Quintanilla Campos, born in El Salvador and an international award-winning artist and graphic designer. It is an ideal read for children aged 4 to 7.

This is the synopsis of the book:

Calling all girls to find their inner superhero!

Nina the Neighborhood Ninja is a creative and take-charge kind of little girl who is smart, strong and speedy. Fiona the Firefly is her loyal and trusty sidekick. She uses her brain and her muscles to complete rescue missions. She doesn’t mind getting dirty and climbing trees. It’s all part of the life of the everyday girl superhero. 

Through teamwork and bravery, Nina and Fiona spend a typical day boldly rescuing animals in trouble: a baby bird fallen from its nest, a cat left out in the rain, and ‹ just when Nina thinks her work is done ~ she’s called to action again!

Mum’s Two Cents

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These are the reasons why I love Nina the Neighborhood Ninja:

  1. The beautiful illustration
  2. The simple and relatable story that children will love and enjoy
  3. The inspiring message it conveys to children that anyone can be a superhero and that they do not really need super powers to be one! All they really need is a heart willing to share and help those who are in need around them.
  4. It teaches valuable lessons about teamwork. Children will really enjoy Nina and Fiona’s tale as they go about helping those in need in their neighborhood as a team.

:yes::yes::yes::yes: for this book, my little one and I both enjoyed thumbing through its colorful pages. Go grab your Nina the Neighborhood Ninja copy from Amazon now if you haven’t already!

Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary copy of this book for review purposes. Opinions and views stated here are 100% my own, however. 

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