Tips + Tricks: 4 Things To Help Purify Air At Home

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One of my plans for this year is to make our home a lot more, well, home-y. This plan includes tidying up {I mean, seriously, you won’t believe how much clutter a small family can make and a tiny home can hold!}, getting rid of unnecessary items around the home, and yes, purifying the air we breathe.

Although I find it most fortunate that it has been awhile since my little man suffered from asthma, I have long suspected that he might just also be suffering from allergic rhinitis. Waking up to sniffles and sneezing is a daily occurrence and he would regularly suffer from dry itchy throat, too. I know too well that these conditions are not only brought by the change in the weather, but also by the unseen airborne threats that could be lurking in corners of our home.

This is when I set out to make sure that we breathe only clean air at home. Upon reading, here are a few things I chanced upon that can effectively help clean the air at home: tips and tricks, home and garden, health, homemaking, home, home improvement, cleaning at home

  • Improved Ventilation ~ Opening windows and installing vents in the kitchen or the loo will work wonders in reducing moisture at home which helps in developing mold and mildew. Exhaust fans also help take away air pollutants inside the home. If you own a fan, but you aren’t sure it’s working correctly, it could be useful to contact an electrician at like those at to make some repairs!
  • House Plants ~ Various indoor plant varieties can help counter the ill effects of pollutants by helping to rejuvenate and purify the air. Some of the plants you can add as air purifiers at home include aloe vera, snake plant, and spider plant. tips and tricks, home and garden, health, homemaking, home, home improvement, cleaning at home
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps ~ I have been meaning to get a Himalayan salt lamp ever since I read about its numerous benefits late last year. These lamps help reduce symptoms of asthma and allergic rhinitis, as well as clear the air of pathogens and allergens. It even aids in having a good night’s sleep. I have found an online shop on Facebook that sells authentic Himalayan salt lamps and I am just saving enough so I can buy one for our home. tips and tricks, home and garden, health, homemaking, home, home improvement, cleaning at home
  • Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purfier ~ In case you are looking for something tried, tested, and certified, you might as well invest in one of those Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier. This line up has a variety of models to let you pick the best one that can give you clean and breathable air at home. Even Metro Manila doctors personally tested these units at home and can attest to their effectiveness. Unique with the Plasmacluster Ion Technology that releases positive and negative ions, the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers keep the air you breathe clean and healthy by filtering and eliminating 99% of dusts, pollens, dirt, and bacteria. And with the recognition and certification of many leading health institutions worldwide, it’s no wonder that the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers are the World and ASEAN’s No. 1 air purifiers. You can visit the nearest authoized Sharp dealer to know more about the Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifiers or checkout their official website at You can also browse through Sharp Philippines on Facebook and on Instagram. While you are at it, you

So while airborne threats are tiny, aggressive, and intangible, almost impossible to tackle without exerting much effort, it will give us mums peace of mind to know that we can rely on a number of solution to come to our aid in our goal to make the air we breathe clean, safe, and healthy. Which are you most likely to add to your home soon, mum? And if you know of other helpful ways I can purify the air we breathe at home, I would love to read about it in a comment below!

Happy homemaking mums!

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  1. Asthma and allergic rhinitis are two mean illnesses that disrupts day to day lives. For one, my trigger for my allergies could be dust, smoke, or a really strong perfume. I’m curious about the Himalayan salt lamps; it reminds me of lava lamps. I think that could surely help me since I’ve had sleeping struggles as well.

    Could you share where’s the online shop you found?

    1. Yes, dust, smoke, and other air pollutants are the culprits for triggering allergies. You can search for
      @thehimalayansaltPH on Facebook. They sell authentic himalayan salt lamps. Will be purchasing from them very soon.

  2. We have a small air purifier at home but I also want to invest in a big air purifier like nung Sharp. When we spent our summer in other country, wala man lang sneeze, cold or cough anak ko. But after we went home, inatake na agad ng colds. Pollution lang talaga ang kalaban.

  3. Since improving our home ventilation is not doable, I think I can opt to air purifiers. This is the first time I heard about Himalayan Salt Lamp, is it pricey? My husband was not convince of air purifiers’ effectiveness, so I guess I’ll try the lamp?

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