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Baguio is one of my favorite places. I have only been there twice but both are such great experiences, I cannot wait to go back. Even my little one is raving about our adventure and has been asking when we are coming back. You can read about our travel adventure here.

Baguio is a top choice among Filipino travelers because of the cold weather. It is a welcome break from the usually hot and humid city weather, especially in the scorching summer heat! Apart from the cool temperature, you will never run out of awesome things to do, beautiful places to see, and delicious dishes to try while you are up north. Among my top must-try Baguio activities include horseback riding, biking and playing at the park while sampling the local street food, delectable vegetable dishes at Oh My Gulay, strawberry picking at the Strawberry Farm, and a whole lot more!

A trip to Baguio is not just a welcome break from our daily grind, but it is also one great sensory experience, a delight to our senses. The lush greenery at the parks offers a respite for our otherwise overworked eyes, the local cuisine is a feast for any traveler’s palate, the fascinating clouds that hang low a delectable and welcome change.

I have been wanting to go back to Baguio for a while now but haven’t had the chance to do so. While I plot for yet another Baguio itinerary, I tried looking for  Baguio budget accommodations using Traveloka App and here’s what I came up with:

travel, tips and tricks, apps, mobile apps for the family, travel apps, Baguio

  1. De Javu Bed and Breakfast on Montinola Kisad Road ~ a standard room good 2 people is available at Php1,831.36, inclusive of breakfast. This place has a charming interior, complete with a bar, cafe, parking, family room, and a beautiful swing in the yard. They even offer set menu for lunch and dinner, as well as a continental breakfast.
  2. Mountain Lodge and Restaurant on Leonard Wood Road ~ situated near Teacher’s Camp, a family room good for 3 people is available here at Php1,379.52 while you can book a Deluxe Quadruple Room starts for only Php2,580.51. Amenities include a restaurant, a family room, and a coffee shop, as well as parking and Wifi connection in public areas.
  3. Hotel Henrico – Kisad on Kisad Road ~ you can book a room here good for 3 pax starting at Php1,883.31. This is inclusive of free breakfast. They also offer 24-hour room service and massage {which is just about the perfect  way to relax after touring around the city all day long}. travel, tips and tricks, apps, mobile apps for the family, travel apps, Baguio
  4. Griffin Lodge on General Vicente Lim Street ~ a Junior Suite here good for a family of 3 is available at Php3,708.44. This might be a bit pricey compared to the other accommodations in the list, but paying extra and getting to enjoy top-notch amenities including a garden, lovely interior, big rooms, as well as a fireplace in the lobby is well worth every cent!
  5. La Brea Inn on Session Road ~ situated within walking distance from most of the famed attractions in the city, this inn is a great choice for only Php1,743.06 per room good for 3 people! travel, tips and tricks, apps, mobile apps for the family, travel apps, Baguio
  6. V Hotel and Apartel on Bukaneg Street ~ you can book a lovely room here good for 3 pax for Php2,838.75. This rate is inclusive of free breakfast. Other features include in-room safe and parking.

Imagine booking a room for less than Php1,500 per head! This sure will give more value for your hard-earned money and will leave you with enough budget to enjoy your Baguio trip to the fullest.

travel, tips and tricks, apps, mobile apps for the family, travel apps, Baguio

Traveloka App is a life-saver and a one-stop traveling solution for both noob and seasoned travelers. Not only do they have a wide selection of affordable hotels and accommodations in Baguio, and in other popular cities and key destinations in the country and Southeast Asia, as well as in Italy and Australia, to meet you and your family’s needs and fit your budget, booking a hotel thru Traveloka can also be done in 6 easy steps:

  1. Fill in destination or hotel name and duration of stay to search for hotels
  2. Select preferred hotel on search results page and click See Room for details
  3. Select a room type and number of rooms to book hotel
  4. Fill in guest details and contact information
  5. Choose preferred payment method
  6. Receive hotel voucher thru email within 60 minutes after offline payment confirmation

They also have a number of online and offline payment method to meet every customer’s need, along with a 24/7 local speaking customer service to ensure a traveler’s utmost convenience.

Traveloka App is the one-stop travel booking app for cheap hotels.

travel, tips and tricks, apps, mobile apps for the family, travel apps, Baguio

Download Traveloka App, if you haven’t already, to book those affordable hotel and room accommodation for your next travel adventure with the family. Make sure to follow Traveloka on Facebook and subscribe to Traveloka Newsletter to get first dibs on their promos and deals as well as enjoy big discounts on your next hotel booking. Oh, and don’t forget to take advantage of their Mother’s Day Promo where you can get as much as 35% off on your hotel room by using the promo code, MAMA35! ;)

:camera: first image by my sister, Bel, the rest are from Traveloka App

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