Our Experience At PAP’s First Ever Mom + Baby Expo

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We have attended less and less of these mum and baby expos as the little man gets bigger. The first ever Mom and Baby Expo by the Perinatal Association of the Philippines {PAP} was an exception, though. Since I wrote about the expo earlier this year, naturally, I would love to check it out. And since I was in SM Megamall that very same weekend, I went and checked the event out with my little one and my sis, Bel.

Entrance to the expo was Php50 and the kids get in for free. Inside, there are a host of different booths, as well as a number of talks and activities lined-up through out the day. The expo ran from 21-23 April where mums and mums-to-be, along with their toddlers and families were treated to an exhibit that showcased different facets of comprehensive perinatal healthcare such as products, services, technology and new methods, all of which were designed to aid Filipina mothers and their babies.

parenting expo, events, parenting fairs, mummy events, mum + kids events, parenting 101
Educational talks from PAP experts are just one of the highlights of the very first Mom And Baby Expo

Organized by the Perinatal Association of the Philippines (PAP), the expo featured not only booths of trusted mum and baby brands like Pigeon, Enfamama, Unilab, Messy Bessy, Safety 1st, and Tiny Buds {our personal fave}, but also a series of talks of medical experts belonging to the PAP which delved into a whole range of topics pertaining to maternal-fetal and newborn topics. Among the topics that drew huge crowds were tips on how to get pregnant; vaccines needed for expecting moms as well as their babies; preconception tests;  macro and micronutrient needs for moms; Sayuntis- exercise during pregnancy; and  skin care for mom and baby.

My Top Mum Finds From the 1st Mom And Baby Expo

parenting expo, events, parenting fairs, mummy events, mum + kids events, parenting 101

  1. Bubi Blocks ~ They have educational toys on sale during the expo, including tubs of Bubi Blocks {Php399} and Bubi Sands {Php299}. They even set up a play area where the kids can play while mums shop around and enjoy the rest of the expo. parenting expo, events, parenting fairs, mummy events, mum + kids events, parenting 101
  2. Belily World ~ they have an assortment of baby bedding, baby sack, diaper bags, and the cutest tents ever! I would really love to get the little man one of those tent/tepees, it is a perfect reading nook/play area. The price for the tents ranges from Php2,000 ~ Php3,500 depending on the design and the size. I will save up so I can get one of these soon!
  3. Casa Italia Gelato ~ one isle at the expo is dedicated for food and snacks, where I was able to sample this creamy and decadent pistachio gelato! I love it! I cannot wait to visit a nearby Casa Italia branch to get a serving or two of these yummy cold treat!

PAP President Dra. Belen Velasco was elated over the number of moms and families who took the time to listen to the experts during the talks. She explained that it helped the PAP attain their goal of giving out advice and introducing new ideas and information to moms and expectant moms which can strengthen their maternal bond with their babies.

I bet every mum enjoyed their Mom And Baby Expo experience, I know I did! I had a lovely time exploring each booth and checking out new products and services for mums and babies. I just wish I was able to take photos, though. I am looking forward to the next Mom And Baby Expo. How about you mum, what was your favorite part of the expo?

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