Top 10 Money-Making Ideas For Stay-At-Home Mums

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A stay-at-home mum is a full-time job. With a 0-3-year-old child, many women ask themselves how to make money from home. In other words, they need ideas for stay at home jobs with only 3-4 hours per day and without a settled schedule. Good news is that there are plenty of ideas. The key to being a supermum lies in turning your hobbies into jobs. A little bit of creative thinking, courage, and support will grant each mum with a bucket of happiness and self-realization.

1. Blog, Vlog!

Sharing a personal experience of being a mum is useful for many young families who are only planning to have kids. This can be anything. Have you invented a perfect way to swaddle your baby in a receiving blanket or have you performed some research and discovered all the privileges of using a sling? Share it. There are a lot of desperate mums who need a bit of support. Inspirational videos or articles with bright photos are not only helpful to others but can also be profitable.

tips and tricks, stay at home mum, earn online, alternative ways to earn for mums, earning online, earning opportunities for mums

2. Do Sport

Sport is another key to happiness. It not only helps you to stay fit, healthy and beautiful, it also gives you energy, motivates your family, and, in fact, can become a source of additional income. Involving your children in everyday training is a new trend of modern healthy living. There are no limits for new exercises. Share your daily sports routine and motivate other mums to stay fit and healthy. For those who don’t like videos, there are opportunities to create a post with gifs or info-graphics.

3. Write

Today there is a plenty of opportunities to become an online writer. These options have its pros and cons. On the one hand,, it provides you with a constant number of orders which means stable income, on the other hand, there is freedom for self-expression. One of the best providers of online writing job is EduBirdie. These work from home jobs for mums are not only entertaining but also educational because the service provides plenty of interesting themes to investigate. In any case, you can try this one out for free.

tips and tricks, stay at home mum, earn online, alternative ways to earn for mums, earning online, earning opportunities for mums

4. Do Handmade Decor

Handmade trend has already been promoted enough to start making money out of it. Mums know that children education is creative so there is no need to reactivate fantasy for a start making handmade stuff. Try to sell it online. Handmade toys for children are highly-appreciated by mums and those who want something not-from-the-mall. This can also become an exclusive gift for friends and relatives who have children. While you’re at it, film the process. Videos of handmade stuff are as popular as toys itself.

5. Make Cosmetics

The healthy trend is spreading like wild fire and the most appropriate time to think about a healthy way of living is when one becomes a parent. Most new parents won’t use aggressive chemicals in the household during the first few years of a newborn, but they cannot afford expensive organic and natural production. This is why homemade cleaning soap, masks, cream alternatives are on demand. Many parents will appreciate these homemade items which can also help them start living greener and healthier at home.

6. Bake Pastries

Whether you are sweet tooth or not, there is always a chance to bake some sweets on a by-order basis. It will be easy to find clients because everyone who has kids has birthday parties. Homemade cakes are highly appreciated. Beautiful design, creativity, fantasy and unlimited experiments are handy in increasing income in this field. The more exclusive cake you make, the more it will cost. Creating a cake is not only profitable but also very fun.

7. Part-time Cook

Today many mothers have full-time jobs they cannot afford to quit to raise the children. This makes them worry about the food their kids eat every day for lunch. Since they do not have the time, they resort to pocket money, instead, which almost always, is spent on cola and chips. Stay-at-home mums can cook not only for their children but also for other kids and make profit out of it. Parents with full-time jobs can order this service and be sure that their child is eating fresh and nutritious food instead of junk.

8. Online Help with Homework

There are plenty of children who experience difficulties at school. Parents do not always have time or knowledge for assisting them. If you are a stay-at-home mum, you can arrange help with homework via Skype and help many children to get through educational difficulties. This type of services is not widely spread so there is a chance that it will become popular, beloved and beneficial.

tips and tricks, stay at home mum, earn online, alternative ways to earn for mums, earning online, earning opportunities for mums

9. Babysitting at Home

Invite children of your friends to come around and create a few entertaining activities. In other words, make a creative and open space for children where they can come and spend time after school before their parents come home. This will help children to develop independence.

10. Invest In Your Own Business

If you are lucky enough to have saved enough amount of money and equipped with the basic knowledge about a business, then, don’t hesitate and start running one. The beauty of running a business is the ability to do what you love. This is the most competitive option, but the result is well worth it and very rewarding. With the correct investigation and fair evaluation of risks, it is possible to reach goals and become a successful enterprise.

Mum’s Two Cents

Opportunities now abound for mums who want to earn extra even while staying at home to care for the kids. The key is to focus on your strength and your passion to find the best on-the-side work that will suit not only a mum’s very busy home life but also the schedule of rest of the family.

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  1. This is really an interesting tips and ideas for mommies. These are the kind of things they can do at the comfort of their home and earn money at the same time without compromising their quality time with their kids. Blogging is indeed a great way to earn money nowadays. It has become a useful platform not just for moms but every one to earn money.
    Thanks for the awesome tips.. Absolutely worth sharing

    1. Indeed! Blogging is a God-send not only for mums but also for those who’d rather work from home than endure the daily hassles of keeping a 9-5 job somewhere in the city. Thanks! 🙂

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