Travel: How To Reduce Stress While Traveling With Kids

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children, travel, tips and tricks, traveling with children

What can be better than traveling with kids? It is a perfect opportunity to fill their memory banks with beautiful moments of their childhood with their parents. While planning for your much-awaited trip might be rather tricky, it will do you good to remember to take these various factors into consideration ~ age, transport, location, accommodation, term, health status, and your energy reserve. I’ve listed down a few tips and tricks for traveling with kids to make your trip enjoyable.

Where to begin?

Living with children is challenging enough in itself, imagine how whining, screaming, and complaining, and the never-ending commands double while you are out on the road. It can be stressful, excruciating, and utterly frustrating for everyone involved, but nothing beats careful planning and preparation so everyone, yes, including the reluctant toddler traveler, can enjoy the trip.

Here goes!

So, how do we reduce stress while traveling with kids? Here are a few things you might want to consider while drafting your travel itinerary:

  1. Encourage your children to engage in the process of preparation and planning of the journey. While you are dealing with all these “adult affairs,” think of fun activities your children can do to get them involved in the planning. The little ones will surely enjoy coloring a route map, whilst the older children can read brochures and books about the country you are going to or watch films about famed destinations in that country. You can also encourage them to pitch in to complete your travel schedule. children, travel, tips and tricks, traveling with children
  2. Take care of children’s activities. Gadgets, book, and select games will be great to pass the time, especially in the transport. During rest or stops, do not forget that playing outdoor games is excellent entertainment, too. Physical activities relieve tension and stress. If you are traveling during school season, you ought to think about your children’s homework, too, in case they left a few items undone before the trip. You can order a paper on EssayVikings, for instance, to help with your child’s tasks and allow him to enjoy the break.
  3. Be attentive to small things. An extra bandage, a pack of napkins, a bottle of water, an extra change of clothes or something like that won’t be superfluous. When traveling with kids you ought to be prepared for anything, so stashing a first-aid kit in your luggage might just be a good idea. Things like bandages, cotton wool, alcohol, brilliant green, cream for burns, anti-allergy pills and cold remedies are essential to ensure your children’s comfort and convenience while traveling.

children, travel, tips and tricks, traveling with children

  1. Transport. Choose the best means of transportation after careful consideration. Take into account the age of your child. Some children do better on the plane, while others would fare well with traveling by train or car. Depending on your destination, plane is still the best kind of transport as it is safe, quick and comfortable. If you have a small child, you can use a baby sling to carry them conveniently while on the plane.
  2. Adjust to the regime of the toddlers. To keep the children’s moods and other “manifestations of character” in check, plan a route in accordance with their schedule {in particular ~ sleep schedule}. The maximum time you can delay a dream or a regular meal is half an hour. children, travel, tips and tricks, traveling with children
  3. Think about entertainment. During the trip, it is impossible to visit all the museums and excursions with children in tow. It might be too boring and tiring for a child. But don’t be upset, it is quite easy to spend free time joyfully, doing all these “children’s affairs.” Create a new interesting route to all attractions in the form of a bright map, and at each stop on the map give your child a small reward in the form of ice cream, for example. Or you can come up with something like a quest or a treasure hunt.
  4. Take care of yourself. It is simply physically and psychologically impossible to dedicate all your time to your toddler, giving yourself an opportunity to relax even for a little bit is also necessary. At the resorts, for example, allow the children to play a little bit more in the pool or the beach while you relax on one of those comfy chairs reading your favorite book. Traveling with the whole family also offers opportunities for a negotiation with your husband ~ he takes the kids, and you spend a few hours just for yourself,  or vice versa.

Some people think that traveling with the whole family is a bad idea. Family vacations indeed entails a good amount of planning for it to be successful. But despite all the hassles, and the stress you will definitely get as you plot each detail of your trip, it’s worth it – the fond memories of the trip is something the little ones will remember for a long time. It is also a great opportunity for you to see the world in the eyes of your children and be a child again!

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  1. These are really helpful tips for any parent.We frequently travel with the kid.Now he is a preschooler,so I prepare some busy bags with simple activities to keep him engaged.Usually these activities include colouring papers,stickers and small toys which can keep him happy and engaged during the travel time.Engaging him for packing is really exciting.I ask him to pack his backpack.So,it include his favourite toys and sometimes small items such as a sticker,pencil and whatever he thinks as his favourites… 🙂

    1. Those are really fun activities to keep a preschooler occupied! I am one of those lucky mums with a child who gets a kick out of watching other cars zoom by. I am just not sure how my little man would fare in a plane, I sure hope we can find out soon. 🙂

  2. It is only moms that can take good care of kids. Left to me, I will turn into a wreck in that situation. I have seen my wife rear my daughters when then they were infants and it is simply amazing to remember her patience. Imagine this situation, dad comes back home tired and wants to sleep right after having dinner. Kiddo squeals right in the middle of the night, dad screams but mom simply calms the kid down. Aren’t you amazed at her mental strength?

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