5 Life-Saver Fashion Tips For A Busy Mum

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It was never easy being a mum. Almost often we are too busy taking care of other people that we end up with little or no time for ourselves. This cycle has to stop, and, difficult it may sound, we ought to carve out some time alone so we can recharge and be up on our toes to perform our many different functions. Also, being busy is never an excuse to sacrifice our fashion sense and our personal style. After all, we still need to look our best while we juggle being a loving partner, a nurturing mum, and while pursuing our many different passions.

Check out these these life-saver fashion tips for mums so you won’t have to sacrifice your fashion style even when you are a busy mum:

  • Jazz up your wardrobe ~ Spruce up your wardrobe by adding a variety of colors into your regular fare of whites, black, and gray. Do not be intimidated by daring or bold colors and try to add tops and dresses in shades of red, canary and aquamarine to your wardrobe. This fresh change will not only make you look good but also make you feel good about yourself.
  • Shoes speak volumes about your personality ~ Now what most of you ignore the most in your attire is a classy pair of shoes. However, your shoes define your personality and reveal the message that your attire and little details matter to you greatly. If you feel that after becoming a mum you have lost the stylish spark in you, then it is time to revitalize things by going for those nude pumps to get that chic look.
  • Gather the passion to spend on accessoriesThe accessories are always a woman’s weakness so things should not change even when you become a mum. Life should never lose its color and excitement for you. There is no better way to keep the spirit alive by getting statement bags and jewellery. You might have to do a bit of research to keep up with the latest trend, but you can easily do that by visiting glimpse over magazines and popular fashion blogs. This will not only help you discover the charm those skinny belts hold, but will also keep you up-to-date with budget finds and great bargains on jewellery.
  • Hairstyle matters ~ Of course, a hairstyle can make or break your over-all look. If you have been meaning to cut your hair short, then today is the best time to do it! You can also be adventurous and experiment on different hair color that will fit your personality. If you are a very simple mum like me, who is in forever ponytail, pinning your hair with bobby pins can give you a fresh and stylish look, too.
  • Intelligent shopping for cosmetics ~ It is pretty understandable that a busy mum does not have the time to do extensive makeup. Honestly speaking you even forget the art once you become a mum because you have so many other things to do. Well, the smart approach is to go with pink or red lip color because it assists you in getting away with minimal eye make-up as well. Or, if you are so much like me who cannot apply a decent make-up to save her life, it is best to invest on the basics, including lipsticks, cheek tint, and face powder.

Remember to not let your life priorities kill your inner self. Every day madness should be a motivation for you to be at your best and to look your best at all times. Life of a busy mum might be tough, but know that you are tougher. Try out one of these tips and tricks and be ready for compliments from your family and peers. And if that pep talk is not enough, head on to www.ponbee.com for more inspirational quotes about everything in life.

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  1. Well said. Shoes indeed speak volume. I used to not pay attention to the shoes. But only recently I realized how much it means to complete the outfit.Nice article and great tips. Life saver tips to the busy ladies 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. Being a mum doesn’t mean you stop taking care of yourself. Of course, fashion and beauty play a huge role in our womanhood and I’m glad SM has found ways to deliver that message through the stuff they sell. I am actually involved with their new collection now – lots of colors and pieces for every size 🙂

  3. This is a timely reminder! For awhile, I kept my wardrobe simple and stay on the basics. Although, I love buying bags and accessories, I won’t spend money on clothes and shoes. But I have this plan to revitalize my wardrobe and thanks to you, I am going to shop new stuffs to spruce up my fashion sense.

  4. I’m not a mom yet but I find myself really busy to think about keeping up with the trends. Investing in classic pieces really go a long way. We can simply mix and match it. How I wish I have the time to purchase versatile shoes/ sandals. I’m taking note that it speaks volumes about my personality. I’ll also definitely buy more accessories.

    1. Yes, it is quite a challenge to keep up with the ever-changing trend, so it is not only wise but practical to go for the classics. I used to love accessories, too. I used to own numerous bangles and bracelets, but accessories were the first ones to go when I had my little one.

  5. Your fashion tips are so timeless! Even non-mums like me can use them. Thank you so much for sharing. Most of the time, mums forget to take care of themselves. These easy tips can help them look fab all the time.

    1. I guess it is always safer to go for timeless pieces as they never go out of style. I also remind myself of these tips, especially that I am not that fashionable and could not care less about what I wear as long as it is comfy and presentable.

  6. Not yet a mom but I think this is very helpful for young adults like me who doesn’t really spend much time upgrading my style or wardrobe. haha. I just worry if I do my makeup right or not cause I think that’s the main point of my look. I agree with the shoes, I don’t usually wear fancy clothes or I don’t have a stylish wardrobe. I just put a shirt, shorts and sneakers and I love it because it speaks me.

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