Home: What To Watch Out For In Your Aging Home + Their Quick Fixes

More than a few of us are owners of an aging home that’s already started to show the signs of time. A settling foundation can be one such sign. Often, as a result of settling, cracks start to form in your foundation. These cracks deserve your attention although they may be the last thing you want to think about. These cracks are linked to an important area of your home, the foundation. Its ability to protect the structural integrity of your home is compromised when the foundation becomes structurally unsound. A crumbling foundation affects many things, even the functionality and structural integrity of your home. This includes how well your doors close and your windows open, for example. This is why it’s wise to know what to look for and do something about it.

Drywall Damage

All cracks aren’t created equal. However, cracks in your drywall can be signs of a serious foundation problem. Although non-serious cracks can be the result of the natural settling of an older home, some can indicate more serious problems with the foundation. The determining factor is based largely on the size of the cracks. Small hairline cracks generally represent the natural settling of a house. On the other hand, wide cracks reveal more than just the signs of natural settling and should be addressed asap. If not, those wide cracks will only become larger with time, becoming more expensive to fix. Cracks that occur as a result of natural settling can often be fixed by simply sealing the cracks to prevent moisture issues. Even your stretched canvas painting will look curiously out of place on cracked and damage drywall.

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4 Quick + Easy Home Improvement Projects

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Despite what you see in those house flipping shows online, most home improvement projects are far simpler than taking out walls or installing new cabinetry. You can improve aspects of your home’s comfort and looks with easy projects that will fit into your weekend plans. Whether you want the outside or the inside to be a little better, these home improvement projects are doable even for DIY novices.

Paint Your Front Door

A very simple way to improve curb appeal is to paint your front door. Check your HOA for any off-limit colors, then have fun choosing something bright. Many homes painted simple colors like white, beige, or brown look great with a blue, green, or even red front door. Replacing your front door is another home improvement project. It’s a little more complicated, but if you’ve got a helper you can replace that door in an afternoon. Paint the new door a fun color or get an attractive wreath to hang on it. Voila, you’ve improved your curb appeal with very little effort.

Improve Your Air Quality

When people think of home improvement, a home’s looks come to mind first. Air quality is just as important to comfort. Spend a home improvement day doing little projects that will improve your indoor air quality. First, get a MERV 10 or higher HVAC air filter. Change your filter, then mark your calendar each month, so you remember to change it again. Then get some house plants like spider plants and peace lilies known for improving air quality. If you love candles, make sure only to burn beeswax candles, since they lack the harmful chemicals other candle wax contains.

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Thankful Thursday: Of Gratitude + The Present


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Despite the gloomy weather, there are still so many things to be thankful for today. Mine include:

1. The pitter-patter of rain outside, such beautiful music
2. A mug {or, in my case, two!} of coffee to start off the day
3. The 21-Day Meditation Experience with Oprah & Deepak ?
4. Kisses from my little one before I send him off to school

Life can be oftentimes challenging and draining but having a grateful heart makes a world of difference. What’s on your ThankfulThursday list, mums?

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