4 Quick + Easy Home Improvement Projects

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Despite what you see in those house flipping shows online, most home improvement projects are far simpler than taking out walls or installing new cabinetry. You can improve aspects of your home’s comfort and looks with easy projects that will fit into your weekend plans. Whether you want the outside or the inside to be a little better, these home improvement projects are doable even for DIY novices.

Paint Your Front Door

A very simple way to improve curb appeal is to paint your front door. Check your HOA for any off-limit colors, then have fun choosing something bright. Many homes painted simple colors like white, beige, or brown look great with a blue, green, or even red front door. Replacing your front door is another home improvement project. It’s a little more complicated, but if you’ve got a helper you can replace that door in an afternoon. Paint the new door a fun color or get an attractive wreath to hang on it. Voila, you’ve improved your curb appeal with very little effort.

Improve Your Air Quality

When people think of home improvement, a home’s looks come to mind first. Air quality is just as important to comfort. Spend a home improvement day doing little projects that will improve your indoor air quality. First, get a MERV 10 or higher HVAC air filter. Change your filter, then mark your calendar each month, so you remember to change it again. Then get some house plants like spider plants and peace lilies known for improving air quality. If you love candles, make sure only to burn beeswax candles, since they lack the harmful chemicals other candle wax contains.

Add A Backsplash

home, tips and tricks, home improvement, home renovation, home repair
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Spruce up your kitchen by adding a backsplash above your countertops. Installing a backsplash is a weekend home improvement project for which you only need a few tools. Head to your local home improvement store with pictures of your kitchen that show off your cabinetry and countertops. Popular backsplash options include glass tile, subway tile, and patterned tin. With a simple backsplash featuring one or two muted colors, your kitchen will appear more upscale. Add a funky look by choosing a colorful backsplash instead.

Get New Lighting

Changing the lighting in one of your home’s rooms is a simple project that won’t cost much. In the kitchen or the living room, install a dimmer switch for a simple project that will change each room’s ambiance. If you want something a little more complex and are confident doing simple wiring work, get a new light fixture for the living room or the dining room. It should only cost a few hundred dollars. A modern hanging light will add an unexpected splash of intrigue to any room.

If you do one or two small, simple home improvement projects every weekend, you’re well on your way to a more comfortable and upscale home. Within six months you may not recognize where you live. Plus, you’ll become more comfortable with your own home improvement DIY skills as you take on these tasks.

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