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More than a few of us are owners of an aging home that’s already started to show the signs of time. A settling foundation can be one such sign. Often, as a result of settling, cracks start to form in your foundation. These cracks deserve your attention although they may be the last thing you want to think about. These cracks are linked to an important area of your home, the foundation. Its ability to protect the structural integrity of your home is compromised when the foundation becomes structurally unsound. A crumbling foundation affects many things, even the functionality and structural integrity of your home. This includes how well your doors close and your windows open, for example. This is why it’s wise to know what to look for and do something about it.

Drywall Damage

All cracks aren’t created equal. However, cracks in your drywall can be signs of a serious foundation problem. Although non-serious cracks can be the result of the natural settling of an older home, some can indicate more serious problems with the foundation. The determining factor is based largely on the size of the cracks. Small hairline cracks generally represent the natural settling of a house. On the other hand, wide cracks reveal more than just the signs of natural settling and should be addressed asap. If not, those wide cracks will only become larger with time, becoming more expensive to fix. Cracks that occur as a result of natural settling can often be fixed by simply sealing the cracks to prevent moisture issues. Even your stretched canvas painting will look curiously out of place on cracked and damage drywall.

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Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are sure signs of a foundation in trouble because they represent evidence that your home is not only settling, but doing so unevenly. Uneven settling creates areas where the foundation has sunk lower in some places more so than others. This type of settling will effect doors, windows, and walls, in terms of their ability to open and close.

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Problems with Doors & Windows

One of the blatant signs of a settling foundation is windows and doors that become progressively more difficult to close and open. Your doors may start to stick, particularly on hot humid days. These types of problems with doors and windows usually represent signs of an unstable foundation continuously shifting and creating structural problems with your home. Much of the way your doors and windows react will depend heavily on the weather. Some doors and windows may become difficult or near impossible to close.

An aggressively settling foundation represents trouble for anyone. The structural integrity of your house is at risk when you’re dealing with these kinds of foundation problems. Fortunately, your house will reveal many symptoms that let you know there’s a serious foundation problem. The symptoms are wide and varied but most commonly include things like cracks in the drywall, sloping floors and doors, windows that are hard to close or open, or a need for a sill plate replacement. A cracked foundation indicates that the structural integrity of your home has become compromised. Foundation repair becomes something that must be done if you want to keep your home together. This is why it’s a good idea to make fixing the foundation of your home a priority.

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