What To Look For In A Great Parental Control Application

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Today, parents have more worries than ever before. Teens are experimenting earlier and earlier. At the same time, the Internet is undeniably frightening for modern parents. As soon as your child gains access to a computer or cellphone, you have to worry about their online activities. Are they up to no good? Are they chatting with someone, who may be up to something nefarious? To quell your worries, it is a good idea to install a good parental control app on your child’s phone. Below, you will learn about some of the features that are absolutely vital.

Call And Text Logs

Teens today have a wealth of communication options. They can chat with their friends through conventional phone calls, but many prefer using text messages or instant messenger applications. It is easy for your child to get into trouble through any of these methods. This is why you should choose an application that is capable of monitoring and logging phone calls, text messages and chats from instant messaging programs. Doing so will ensure that you do not miss anything.


The Internet is wonderful in many ways, but it also has a dark side. Certain websites are over-saturated with hideous content that is simply unsuitable for teenagers and young children. You need to prevent your child from accessing these sites at all costs. The best way to put a restriction on your child’s Internet usage is by using a parental control app, such as the one available at https://kidgy.com. You cannot monitor your child twenty-four hours a day. You have work and numerous other responsibilities to juggle.

By using one of these applications, you can depend on technology to babysit your child. These apps can prevent your child from accessing inappropriate materials.

Logging Website History

There is always a possibility that your child is going to find a way to leap over the hurdles. They may be clever enough to find a way to access the sites that are deemed inappropriate. If you would prefer to address the problem directly, you’ll first need to figure out precise what sites they are visiting. Teens are tech savvy and they’ll know how to delete their browsing history. So, looking at their phone isn’t going to help.

Instead, you should use a parental control app. Many of these programs are capable of logging the phone’s website history and bookmarks. This will allow you to know exactly what sites your teen has been visiting. Then, you can speak with them about it personally.

GPS Compatibility

Wouldn’t you love to be able to know where your child was at every second of the day? Wouldn’t it be even better, if you were able to track your child’s location without them being aware? Look no further than parental control applications for your child’s smartphone. Many of these innovative apps feature GPS compatibility. By installing one of these programs on your child’s phone, you’ll know exactly where they’ve gone. You’ll know if they’ve lied about heading to the library or their friend’s house.

Simultaneously, if the teen gets into trouble, you’ll have little to no trouble tracking them down.

Panic Or SOS Button

When venturing outside, you never really know who you’re going to encounter. Unfortunately, teens and pre-teens are at a higher risk than adults. What is going to happen if a predator attempts to kidnap your child? There is a possibility that your child will struggle and escape, but they may also wind up overpowered. This is another thing to consider when choosing a parental control app. Choose one that offers a panic or SOS button. This will effectively send you a notification when your child encounters a problem.

Mum’s Two Cents

Parenting has never been more challenging in this day and age, with the many distractions taking up our’s and our children’s attention. Although, technology may not work to our advantage all the time, it is good to know that there are also parent-friendly apps we can rely on to make parenting in this modern age a whole lot easier.

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  1. Glad to know that there are available apps like this that’s not binded over a subscription. Im a quality analyst in one telecommunications company and we have this service exclusive for a postpaid account. Great to know that this feature is also available over a 3rd party app.

  2. I’ve tried a few of these apps when my teens were younger. Now, however I don’t have any restrictions on their phone. I would love to know everything they’re doing on their phone BUT I think that their privacy has been earned. For me it’s more of giving enough leeway yet being able to keep an open line of communication rather than controlling their habits. For my youngest I will be using this since we are still building that communication and guidance is still very much needed.

  3. Yes it’s so important nowadays to check your children. And to restrict them for going to ‘weird places’ on the internet for example. And so scary to think about that there are freaks on the internet. They can not just be a danger to our children. We have to keep an eye!

    1. Yes, sometimes news about this thing is making me cringe and making me fear for when my son will start to use the world wide web on his own 🙁

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