Great Gift Ideas to Give Your Teen Before University

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You’ve watched them grow into the wonderful, talented young people they are today. They’ve worked hard at school, at their extra-curricular activities, and in their social lives. You couldn’t be prouder of them ~ of what they have achieved, of who they are, and of their dreams. Their birthday, or even their graduation, before they move out of their childhood bedrooms and into their university dorms is the perfect time to give them a great, useful gift that will help them succeed.

A New Laptop

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Your child will be going off to study at a prestigious university, and for that, they need a new laptop. They will be working long hours, writing down notes, essays, reports, and presentations. Your old, second-hand computer won’t cut it. They’ll need a fast and reliable machine that can handle all the programs they need at once. Their laptop will be their lifeline. They’ll use it to call you, to watch their favorite movies and TV programs, to work, to message their friends, and more.

Laptops are the salvation of the present age. Give them a great laptop for them to use throughout their time in university.

A Car

All parents hate watching their children move out, which is the personal reason why many parents opt to buy their child a car for university. Naturally, you would never waste your money on a new car – the value depreciates the second you drive it off the lot – but you can certainly get your child a used car. Not only will your young adult have the freedom and ability to travel to places near town, but they also have a means to support themselves. Do they need food, but it’s pouring rain? Now you no longer need to worry about them starving.

tips and tricks, parenting 101, College, parenting tips, school, gift ideas

Owning a car also brings with it responsibility. They will oversee the upkeep and maintenance of the vehicle, which means that they will have to get a job on their university campus. These jobs are great because they typically pay more, and they are also made up of your child’s peers. They can make money and make friends all in one go!

A great choice for any young adult is the versatile Hyundai i20. This car is affordable, and comes with top safety features, meaning that not only can you give your child the gift of wheels, but you can also rest easy knowing that they are as safe as can be when driving.

These two investment gifts are the perfect way to send your child off to start their lives. They offer independence, function, and the means to socialize all at once. Laptops are needed for university, while cars are needed for their daily lives. Both gifts also mean that your child has a better, easier way to communicate with you. They can either video call, or, even better, they can take a quick drive home and visit whenever they feel homesick. You don’t have to hold out until big occasions to hug your son or daughter again – get them a car. You’ll be amazed at how often they come home.

Mum’s Two Cents

tips and tricks, parenting 101, College, parenting tips, school, gift ideas

I am sure I will have major separation anxiety when my little one goes off to College but it is a relief that I still have so many years to prepare for it. The suggestions mentioned above are great tools to prepare your children for College. I am a bit squeamish about getting a car, but I am certain I will get Jared a laptop when it is time. It will be very handy in helping him prepare and finish College projects and requirements.

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  1. My Nate is only 3 years old but I know time flies and soon enough he will be in college. huhu. A lappy is definitely a great help for him and come 2032, who knows what other important things he might need before beginning to study in a university. I do hope by that time, we can already afford to buy him a car, lol.

  2. Wow, this is truly the best. I wish I can give this to my future children before they enter University. I’m not raised and born in a rich family, but I don’t want to let my hard and bad experienced to pass it on my kids someday. These gift ideas will surely motivate me to strive more for the future. Some kids are just so blessed to have a parent who can provide most of what they want in life. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  3. how come my parents didn’t give me one when I was in college lols!
    Just kidding.. i guess these gifts are like a way to motivate them with their studies… and yes, they are very helpful too. They are both expensive though but like you said, they are ideal investments
    Bringing them into a university is already a precious gift too!

    1. Haha! I did not receive either of these from my parents, too! But I hope hard work will let me atleast one of these for my little man in time for his stint in College!

  4. Both gifts are quite extravagant but would make great gifts. My son is in Senior High so he has an iPad which is a requirement. I’m smazed that they have lessons and projects assigned through a study portal. Eventually I’d also like to give my son a car. Now how to win a million bucks? Lol

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