Great Gift Ideas to Give Your Teen Before University

You’ve watched them grow into the wonderful, talented young people they are today. They’ve worked hard at school, at their extra-curricular activities, and in their social lives. You couldn’t be prouder of them ~ of what they have achieved, of who they are, and of their dreams. Their birthday, or even their graduation, before they move out of their childhood bedrooms and into their university dorms is the perfect time to give them a great, useful gift that will help them succeed.

A New Laptop

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Your child will be going off to study at a prestigious university, and for that, they need a new laptop. They will be working long hours, writing down notes, essays, reports, and presentations. Your old, second-hand computer won’t cut it. They’ll need a fast and reliable machine that can handle all the programs they need at once. Their laptop will be their lifeline. They’ll use it to call you, to watch their favorite movies and TV programs, to work, to message their friends, and more.

Laptops are the salvation of the present age. Give them a great laptop for them to use throughout their time in university.

A Car

All parents hate watching their children move out, which is the personal reason why many parents opt to buy their child a car for university. Naturally, you would never waste your money on a new car – the value depreciates the second you drive it off the lot – but you can certainly get your child a used car. Not only will your young adult have the freedom and ability to travel to places near town, but they also have a means to support themselves. Do they need food, but it’s pouring rain? Now you no longer need to worry about them starving.

tips and tricks, parenting 101, College, parenting tips, school, gift ideas

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Thankful Thursday: Of Memories + Gratitude

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Today I am thankful for:

  • spending quality time with the loves of my life :heart:
  • the little one absolutely enjoying his Diary of a Wimpy Kid books {it is a mum’s joy to buy new books for my little reader!}
  • free streaming of Game Of Thrones episode online 😀
  • burger and onion rings from Burger King!
  • the Super Socializer Plugin I’ve recently installed on the blog. Thanks Mommy Ruby for the tip!
  • our new Pasko Sa Agosto giveaway for a chance to give back to our readers {join now ha? ;)}

How about you mums, what are you thankful for today?

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