Thankful Thursday: Of Finding Gratitude + Happiness

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I am grateful for:

:heart: catching up with a very dear friend
:heart: bedtime snuggles + kisses from my little man
:heart: new books to read
:heart: postcards
:heart: Stranger Things
:heart: much-needed pampering time for my locks
:heart: Diary Of A Wimpy Kid books for my young reader

What are you thankful for today?

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Money Matters: 5 Reasons To Invest In International Travel Insurance

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Traveling may mean a lot of different things to different people. For parents, it may be a perfect way to educate young children or a great way to bond with friends for single folks. It may also give a sense of fulfillment or freedom for a free-spirited bachelor or a way for an over-worked executive to de-stress and unwind. Whatever your reasons may be, traveling is one rewarding activity and it has grown in popularity over the years as more and more people are joining the bandwagon whilst numerous traveling enthusiasts gain fame and popularity through their strong following on social media.

One of the things that are often missed out while in the thick of planning for a trip is getting an insurance, especially an international travel insurance. Most people do not recognize the value or importance of being secured while on the go whilst a bigger number of the population just simply won’t be bothered with mundane things such as acquiring an insurance. If truth be told, if you are eyeing to travel overseas and with peace of mind, a travel insurance is the first thing you have to secure when creating travel plans and itinerary.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider investing on an international travel insurance on your next trip:

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Essay Writing Tips: How To Structure An Essay

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The job of an essayist is to arrange a series of logical ideas into a persuasive argument. This is why great essays take a linear form, providing each idea in an orderly manner so that the reader can appreciate the argument and/or thesis statement.

How do you successfully structure an essay?

To ensure that the essay has a neat structure, the writer must make logical arguments. The structure is primarily determined by the theme or topic of focus. This is because the topic being focused on dictates the facts the readers ought to be fed and in what succession.

Every essay should have a structure that is best suited to the thesis statement or main point being put forward. In other words, there are no fixed formulae.

Most academic essays include several types of information, and these facts are situated in specific parts of the essay. It all depends on what is important to the main issue the essay is trying to address. This is no easy feat to accomplish. Writing essays require a lot of thought and logical planning. It isn’t enough reason to throw in the towel and resort to searching for ‘write my essay’ or ‘type my essay’ on Google or any other search engine.

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