8 Best Reasons To Send Flowers

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Flowers make a great gift and one of the reasons is that they’re so flexible. We all know when they’re appropriate and most of us think we should send flowers more often than we do. And yet some people don’t send flowers at all. They claim that it’s pointless since they just die anyway; but we disagree. We think that someone who thinks that flowers are pointless is missing the point completely.

Flowers represent more than just a few pretty petals; they are a vehicle for expressing feelings and wishes for someone. It’s for these people that we write below the 8 best reasons to send flowers.

Reason #1: Sympathy

If something has recently gone wrong in someone’s life then you might want to send them flowers. It’s a nice touch to let them know that you are thinking of them in their time of need and that they’re not alone.

Reason #2: Stuck in Hospital

Being stuck in hospital for any time at all isn’t fun. No one enjoys being sick and hospitals aren’t known for being the most enjoyable locations, so having flowers sent to your room can really life your spirits and make your day. They let you know that others care about you and improved mood can really make your stay in hospital as unpleasant as possible.

Reason #3: Birthdays

It doesn’t matter how old you are, birthdays are still a special day. Perhaps it’s a holdover from our younger years when our birthdays were treated like truly special days, but as you get older they lose some of their sheen. Receiving flowers on your birthday from someone you care about can make you feel like you did when you were a kid, so sending flowers to someone on their birthday is definitely a good idea.

Reason #4: Congratulations

If someone in your life has recently had some good news, celebrate with them by sending them some flowers. Let them know you’re happy for them (it’s a worry most of us have that our friends will be jealous of our good fortunes) and that it’s well deserved and watch their already high spirits go even higher.

mum's thoughts, tips and tricks, flowers, gift ideas

Reason #5: Romantic Gestures

I don’t know when flowers became a symbol of romantic love, but however it came about, it stuck and now if you want to express your true feelings for someone, sending flowers is a popular way to do it.

Reason #6: To Apologize

We all mess up from time to time. Sometimes they’re small mistakes that can be rectified with a verbal apology, but sometimes words just won’t cut it. If you find yourself in a situation like this, then flowers are a wise investment.

Reason #7: To Lift Spirits

Sometimes people just have a bad day. Or a bad week. Or a bad month. If someone you care about is going through a rough time for whatever reason, sending flowers can help. Just knowing that someone out there cares enough to have gone and sent you flowers is often enough to break you out of the negative funk you find yourself in. And even if it won’t completely remove the grey clouds from your sky, at least it might make them feel a little bit better and it’s hard to put a price on that.

mum's thoughts, tips and tricks, flowers, gift ideas

Reason #8: To Brighten Up Your Home

Even if you’re living in your dream home, looking at the same décor each day can be a little boring after a while. You can go crazy rearranging the furniture all the time, but another way to jazz up your home and make it feel fresh again is to use flowers. You don’t have to go overboard with huge arrangements, just a few flowers here and there can make all the difference in the world.

Mum’s Two Cents

I love flowers and I’d welcome a bouquet or a pot on special occasions or to make an ordinary day extra special. These reasons mentioned are just about the perfect reasons to give out flowers, too, but, really, any day and any reason to give flowers is as good as any if only you can put a smile on someone’s face or help brighten up someone’s day. :rose::rose::rose:

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  1. My favorite reason to send flowers is to lift spirits. I would have to agree that certainly receiving flowers can help. Personally, I feel happier every time I receive one. I am not sure what it has to do with the flowers but receiving something beautiful gives me the feeling of peace and positivity.

  2. Flowers can be expensive but I still love them. Flowers always brighten my day even more so when I’m remembered for no particular reason. I love it when my kids give me flowers. Ones they pick and ones they make!

  3. I agree with the list! I guess sending someone flowers is possibly the nicest way of showing how much you care. It is our way to show our affection and a way to let them know how much we value them. We, Filipinos are naturally romantic and it is very common for us to send flowers to the people we love. Sending flowers follows no occasions or celebrations! I know someone who never failed to send her wife a bouquet of flowers frequently and that’s the most romantic thing I have ever seen. Cheers!

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