Thankful Thursday: Of Gratitude + Life

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The attitude of gratitude enriches our lives in more ways than we can ever imagine. It turns around an otherwise uneventful or boring day and makes an interesting day even more beautiful. Continuing on to be grateful might be a little difficult, especially when things aren’t particularly going your way, but notice how a day full of disappointments turns into one full of joy and wonders if only we learn to always focus on the good and count our blessings. Indeed, more often than not, the way our day, and our lives, would turn out depends largely on what we focus on. We do have the power to turn things around, with a single positive thought at a time.

This week I am grateful for:

:heart: My Mama, as we celebrate her life on her birthday. She would’ve been 68. Though she’d been gone for more than a decade, we celebrate her and our fond memories of her, we celebrate the love she so selflessly gave to us. We are eternally grateful for her love and nurturing. We are ever blessed to have her as our mum. I know that she is happily looking down on us from heaven and I bet she and Papa had a lovely celebration up there!
:heart: afternoon naps and cuddles
:heart: spending time with my loves
:heart: new books for my little man to read
:heart: surprises in the mail
:heart: grocery shopping
:heart: fresh fruits
:heart: beating deadlines for my blogs
:heart: new succulents
:heart: potting soil so I can start planting more seeds in my tiny yard
:heart: the sight of lovely blooms

What are you thankful for today?

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