Mum Finds: JBL® Jr Headphones Specifically Made For Kids

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For better or worse, children growing up enamored with their hand-held devices or game consoles is inevitable. The best thing parents can do is to monitor them as much as we can whilst they are on their screen time. Of course, apart from making sure of their privacy and safety online, and that they are only watching videos and playing games appropriate for their age, it is also a must that we ensure that their gadgets and accessories are safe and are ergonomically designed for their age.

Headphones is one of these accessories video-and-game loving children cannot do without and since they are bound to use them for hours on end whilst listening to music, watching videos, or playing games, it is important that mums invest in a brand that can not only withstand a little one’s hand but are also safe for their use.

Children, mum finds, products for children, children products, gadgets and technology, consumer and technology, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas for children

JBL® recently unveils their new headphones models specifically designed for the kids and we were lucky to get first dibs on their exciting new products. The launch was held at Kidzania Manila and was hosted by my favorite mum deejay and event host, Delamar Arias, with her adorable son, Cooper, in tow. The little ones got first dibs on these colorful and fun headphone models whilst watching an equally interesting storytelling presentation at the ABS-CBN Theater inside Kidzania Manila.

Children, mum finds, products for children, children products, gadgets and technology, consumer and technology, Christmas gift ideas, gift ideas for children
Lookie, my little blogger gets to bring home his very own JBL® JR headphones! ^_^

The new JBL® JR headphones for children comes in two designs:


  • the flagship headphones retails at Php2,999
  • connects to smart devices through Bluetooth 4.0 technology for a superb hands-free experience for the kids
  • built with kid-friendly buttons for effortless listening and easy controls
  • offers up to 12 hours of playback time and boasts of a quick-charge feature for more flexibility and convenience
  • comes in 3 color combinations ~ Punky Pink, Rocker Blue, and Tropic Teal

JBL® JR300

  • retails at Php1,499
  • comes in 2 colors ~ Spider Red and Ice Blue
  • features a 32-mm driver size and anti-tangle flat cable
  • also comes with a sticker pack so the kids can personalize their headphones

What Mum Loves About The JBL® Jr Headphones

It goes without saying that this new line of headphones for children are manufactured by a trusted brand, and also boasts of JBL®’s 70 years of audio heritage. In fact, they are built with JBL’s Pure Bass sound and fine-tuned for lower sound pressure levels. Apart from that, other noteworthy features that make these headphones worth your money are:

  • Trendy and fashionableevery child would be giddy with excitement to put these colorful headphones on
  • Safe for children’s delicate ears ~ thanks to the JBL Safe Sound feature {my absolute fave, by the way!} that keeps the audio at safe levels for little ears. Now this mum can relax and care less about hearing damage whilst the little man enjoys music with his headphones!
  • Comfort ~ it comes with a rotating and adjustable cups that automatically adjust to children’s ear sizes f along with premium flexible ear cushions with high level of Passive Noise Cancellation

It is also good to note that these headphones are designed to survive the toughest wear and tear so you are not only sure to get the best headphones available in the market now specially designed for kids but you also get great sound quality, as well as a tough and durable headphone.

It is one of kind ~ Jared {as he tries the JBL® JR300 for the first time}

This mum approves of the JBL® Jr headphones and it is very clear that the little man does, too. It is now his favorite companion whilst he enjoys his games and his current favorite music, Led Zeppelin’s Immigrant Song from the Thor Ragnarok film and Junkie Xl and Gary Clark Jr.’s version of Come Together by The Beatles from the Justice League film.


Of course, it is still best practice to keep the little ones away from the screen as much as possible, but on days we simply cannot, it is best to know that we can rely on products like JBL® Jr headphones to keep their delicate ears comfy and safe!

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your little gamer or music lover, or your inaanaks, then I suggest you get them these colorful, durable, and trendy JBL® Jr headphones! They are now available at JBL outlets and appliance stores. You can also purchase them online at Lazada! For more information and promos, visit their website at Don’t forget to like the JBL Philippines Facebook Page and follow JBL Phils on Instagram, too!

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  1. It is nice that they are producing headphones that are especially designed for kids… I have read an article before on how too much and long term usage of earphones and streaming loud sound or music from their devices can damage or affect their hearing eventually.. with this kind of device that controls the sound, this is indeed a good investment for the kiddos

  2. This is a good investment for families who love music. The potential damage that may be caused by using headphones has always been my concern. Thus, I am so happy to discover a product that is made especially for kids to protect their delicate ears.

    Thinking of getting a few for my “inaanaks” this Christmas but just the lower version. (haha!)

  3. Wow! This is so nice! But wow din ang price. hihi Been considering buying a new pair of headphones for Din and I saw one that would really be nice for her — one that has a crown on top! So cute! It’s cheaper, too, at P600, however, I am not sure if it the sound is good.

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