Thankful Thursday: Of Living Life With Gratitude

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This week I am thankful for:

:heart: afternoon naps
:heart: snuggles
:heart: that brown butterfly visiting my plants that, for a while, seemed to refuse to leave {now that I think about it, am not sure if he was the one from our cocoon or just checking if his friend has already gotten his wings}
:heart: renewing all my domains and blog hosting for this year. Thankful as always for the provision and the blessings I continuously get through my blogs. Saving up $$ now for next year’s renewal fees!
:heart: options and opportunities to secure my little one’s future
:heart: random acts of kindness
:heart: opportunities to help spread cheer and kindness through postcrossing
:heart: the news on the new “Perfect” video coming out this week {shouts out to fellow Ed Sheeran fans!}
:heart: learning about time sickness and ways not be overwhelmed, overcome, and victimized by time and working with it, instead, to allow life to flow smoothly. All thanks to Oprah and Deepak’s 21 Day Meditation Experience {I’ve just finished doing the first week with my little man, who is now more excited to do meditation before bed}
:heart: Citang’s Relyenong Bangus
:heart: for realizing my goal to get my SSS contributions and dues up-to-date {just a few payments left to have this year’s dues done. Working to update my PhilHealth contributions next}
:heart: for surprises in the mail {just received a Christmas card from our postman whilst drafting this post}

What are you grateful for today?

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