Thankful Thursday: On Being Grateful

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Today I am thankful for:

:heart: Moments that make me look up and thank The Almighty
:heart: spending Bonifacio Day with my sisters
:heart: heart-warming moments with my little man
:heart: catching up with my niece and nephew
:heart: opportunities to give random acts of kindness
:heart: more opportunities for the blog
:heart: the smell and sound of Christmas floating in the air
:heart: my Papa visiting me in my dream
:heart: love
:heart: finishing more pending errands
:heart: my son’s infectious laugh that never fails to put a smile on my face
:heart: beautiful memories of the holidays
:heart: retail therapy

What are you thankful for today?

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  1. There is plenty to be thankful for, isn’t it? The thing about feeling thankful is that it is all in the mind. I dare say that whatever it is that we appreciate, it can be anything and at the same time, nothing. In other words, the core of thankfulness is in our attitude and belief.

    1. It is! No matter how our day goes, there is still so many reasons to be thankful and grateful for. Indeed, it is really in our attitude and point of view. Whilst some people can find delay in trains or trips annoying, another one sees it as an opportunity to breathe a little or enjoy the free time some more.

  2. I agree with you that what we focus on grows. I also have a gratitude habit of listing down my blessings and answered prayers. I used to do this in my notebook. But this year, I started a new way of writing down my blessings. I now write them on post-it notes then put them in a transparent bottle.

    1. Gratitude jar! I started that for my little man a few years back but we never managed to do make a habit out of it. The new year is the best time to start anew. The Eat, Pray, Love author Elizabeth Gilbert also do this practice 🙂

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